Custom Aluminum Profiles: More Cost-Effective Than Standard

custom aluminum profiles for industry

A lot of business owners mistakenly believe that custom extrusion dies will cost them more than modifying a standard extrusion die to suit their needs. While it is true that the development of custom aluminum profiles will be a significantly larger investment upfront, once the design is completed, manufacturers reap the benefits of custom aluminum […] Read more »

Custom Extrusion Design and the Benefits of Aluminum Products

benefits if aluminum extrusion

While there are many different materials that can be shaped using extrusion, only one has the ability to replace steel and other metals for use in just about every industry. Transportation, aerospace, consumer vehicles, marine, construction, and architectural design are just some of the industries that take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products. Custom […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Different Types of Industry

aluminum industry solutions

The process of custom aluminum extrusion is used to transform aluminum alloy into a wide range of products, parts, and components for both the consumer and industrial-based markets. Aluminum extrusion solutions have many uses, including electronics, construction, bridge decking, mass transit, telecommunications, renewable energy industries, and even automotive industry aluminum. Companies that partner with a […] Read more »

Custom Advantages of Using One Stop Aluminum Fabrication Shops

aluminum fabrication and secondary operations

The aluminum extrusion industry has made many advancements in the technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and methods used for manufacturing. At Silver City Aluminum, we have the ability to provide our clients with custom extrusion dies, engineer innovative industry solutions, and provide a one stop opportunity to create cost-effective, top-quality parts, products, and components at our Southeastern […] Read more »

Benefits of Custom Design Profiles to Extrude Aluminum Alloys

custom aluminum profiles

In our many years of providing top quality services to extrude aluminum alloys for clients across just about every industry, Silver City Aluminum has learned that the sooner we can start working with the customer to design and develop custom solutions, the better. Our one stop shop fabrication services provide sawing and deburring, as well […] Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Custom Aluminum Products for Industry

custom aluminum extrusion

Businesses that are thinking about incorporating custom aluminum products, parts, and components into their manufacturing should consider all of the advantages of using aluminum. While there are many different materials that can be chosen for manufacturing in this day and age, the benefits associated with aluminum can make a significant difference in the finished product. […] Read more »

The High Strength, Low Weight Benefits of Aluminum Products

benefits of aluminum extrusion

There are many different industries that rely on aluminum extrusion design. The benefits of aluminum products on manufacturing for automotive, construction and the New England marine industry are extensive and can vary, depending on the company’s goals or requirements. While custom aluminum dies are growing in popularity for the transportation industry, aluminum extrusion is also […] Read more »

Choose the Best Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for Products

finishing solutions for aluminum extrusions

While one of the advantages of choosing custom aluminum extrusion is the natural anti-corrosive nature of the metal itself, many manufacturers elect to increase the protection of parts, products, and components through the use of custom aluminum coating solutions. Powder coated aluminum, anodizing, and painting aluminum products can have many increased benefits, providing long-lasting durability, […] Read more »

Custom Profile Designs for Industry: One Stop Shop Fabrication

custom aluminum profile designs

At Silver City Aluminum, we do everything in house. From the first time you contact our team to the moment that your order is delivered, we do it all. There are a few reasons why we do this, including quality control and improved lead times. Our clients appreciate the attention to detail that our one […] Read more »

Sustainability: Custom Extruded Aluminum and the Environment

sustainable aluminum extrusions

Many industries and individual manufacturers are doing everything that can to reduce their impact on the environment. There are many ways to increase the sustainability of manufacturing, whether for general consumer goods or industrial development. Extruded aluminum is one of the ways that manufacturers are reducing their impact. Extrusion solutions for automobile industry, marine industry, […] Read more »