Stock Profile Aluminum Extrusion: How to Use Standard Shapes

We talk a lot about custom aluminum extrusion for industry because that is our specialty here at Silver City Aluminum. However, there are certain situations when standard extrusions will be just as valuable, helping our clients to achieve their goals without having to reinvent the wheel. Stock profile aluminum extrusion can be beneficial in many […] Read more »

Why Aluminum Extrusion? The Top Benefits of Aluminum Products

custom aluminum extrusion

Aluminum as a material has become a widely used and versatile tool for producing both simple and complex shapes for manufacturing. Extruded aluminum, in particular, has many uses across multiple industries and can offer advantages that other materials cannot match. The benefits of aluminum products make it a very attractive material. There are many unique […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Products: Maximize Material Benefits in Design

aluminum extrusion benefits

Manufacturers choose to work with aluminum materials for many reasons. It is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust and can be recycled again and again without losing any of its inherent qualities, some of which are quite beneficial. The advantages of using aluminum have persuaded many different industries to embrace this versatile metal […] Read more »

We Understand the Industry Specific Needs for Custom Extrusion

custom aluminum extrusion for industry

There are plenty of options for businesses who require the services of aluminum extrusion manufacturers. However, finding a service provider that understands the specific needs, requirements, and demands of your industry can be a challenge. Silver City Aluminum has extensive experience working with many different industries right here in New England and around the globe. […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design: Bring Your Concepts to Life

custom aluminum extrusion

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Every single day, innovators around the globe are looking for new ideas, better options, and ways to improve on already existing ideas. Custom aluminum extrusion can help designers and engineers to bring their concept to life, executing it to maximize the potential of the design, material, […] Read more »

Choose the Best Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for Industry

custom aluminum coating solutions

Standard and custom aluminum extrusions are rarely “good to go” straight from manufacturing. They frequently go through a variety of finishing processes that make improvements designed to increase function, strength, protection, and longevity. Some post extrusion operations are standard, such as the ones that we provide at Silver City Aluminum. For example, we de-burr all […] Read more »

Growing Use of Extruded Aluminum in the Construction Industry

extruded aluminum construction industry

When many people think about aluminum, they instantly picture beverage cans made of rolled sheet metal aluminum that can be easily crushed for recycling when drained. However, there is much more to aluminum, especially when a process like extrusion and fabrication are used to create parts, components, and products for various industries. The construction industry […] Read more »

Choose the Best Manufacturer for Quality Aluminum Products

aluminum extrusion manufacturer

Whether you are just launching a brand new business or creating an innovative product line, it is essential to find the right manufacturer based on your needs. Unless you have access to your own machine shop and can make it yourself, you’ll want to find a reputable one-stop extrusion and fabrication facility that can handle […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusion: The Benefits of Aluminum Products

custom aluminum extrusion benefits

Manufacturers across just about every industry take advantage of the benefits of aluminum extrusion. While some choose aluminum extrusion profiles because they are affordable, quick to procure, and easy to use, others prefer to design their own custom aluminum extrusion solutions to increase the value of their finished product. There are many benefits of aluminum […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Design and Alloys for Aerospace Industry

aerospace aluminum extrusion

There are many different industries that rely heavily on the advantages of aluminum alloy extrusion to create better products that are stronger, more durable, efficient, and effective than similar items that use other materials. Two industries that have recently increased their use of aluminum extrusion design include the aircraft and aerospace industries. While both have […] Read more »