Finishing Options for Aluminum Extrusion: Paint and Anodizing

Finishing Options Custom Aluminum Extrusion

While aluminum has a natural protective coating that works to prevent corrosion and rust, there are even more options that can be used to protect aluminum products. Extrusion and fabrication are just the beginning. At Silver City Aluminum, we have a wide range of custom aluminum coating solutions that can be applied after the extrusion […] Read more »

Design Better Doors & Windows With Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Custom Aluminum Doors and Windows

Standard extrusion of aluminum materials has been used for many years to create aluminum doors and windows. Today’s companies are moving to custom designs to increase the value and potential of traditional aluminum frames. The aluminum extrusion industry has made it easy for manufacturers to create custom designs that will improve their products and provide […] Read more »

How Standard & Custom Aluminum Extrusion is Used in Industry

How Aluminum Extrusion is Used

There are many benefits of aluminum products in our daily lives. A simple aluminum alloy can be transformed into a standard shape or custom aluminum extrusion and be used in many ways. There are many different aluminum products that we use every day. We use it in consumer products and essential components for telecommunications, mass […] Read more »

Custom Structural Components & the Aluminum Extrusion Industry

Extruded Aluminum Structural Beams

When exploring the properties of aluminum, it quickly becomes clear that the high strength-to-weight ratio of this amazing metal is worth exploiting. This is particularly true when it comes to the design and development of structural components. Not only does aluminum have natural corrosion resistance, but it is also malleable and a perfect choice for […] Read more »

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions: Benefits of Aluminum Stairs

Extruded Aluminum Stairs Benefits

Extruded aluminum is used in a number of ways across many different industries. However, it is often the common applications of this dynamic material that are the most impressive. Sustainable aluminum extrusions can be used for consumer products and in the construction of buildings, homes, and other structures that we use every day. Aluminum stairs […] Read more »

The Smart Choice: Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Heat Sinks

Aluminum Heat Sinks Advantages

Whenever you can take advantage of the natural qualities of a material, you maximize the potential benefits that it can provide to any project. In the case of heat sinks, the advantages of using aluminum really come into play. The most common materials used to create heat sinks are aluminum alloys. There are significant benefits […] Read more »

Benefits of Aluminum Products for Forward-Thinking Industries

Custom Aluminum Extrusion in Industry

It seems as though every industry is working to find new ways to reduce pollution, waste, and create sustainable products. Custom aluminum extrusion provides businesses with a great way to meet consumer and industry demands. Sustainable aluminum extrusions can be used in a number of ways, reducing fuel requirements and increasing customer satisfaction across the […] Read more »

Creating Custom Aluminum Products: Extrusion and Fabrication

custom fabrication extruded aluminum

You will hear a lot about how custom aluminum extrusion design is used to reduce the need for secondary operations. However, even custom aluminum products can be further customized through the use of strategic extrusion and fabrication. Used together, companies can create cost-effective parts, products, and components that truly take advantage of all the aluminum […] Read more »

Anodizing Aluminum Extrusion for High-Quality Finished Results

Anodized Custom Aluminum Extrusion

The process of anodizing involves multiple variables that can ultimately affect the quality of the finished results. This electrochemical process creates a coating that is both decorative and durable, enhancing the products created through standard and custom aluminum extrusion. Everything from the choices made to extrude aluminum alloys of various types to work done to […] Read more »

Standard & Custom Solutions: The Advantages of Using Aluminum

Advantages of Aluminum Products

Whether you choose to use a standard rod and bar aluminum, or if you prefer custom aluminum extrusion solutions, there are many advantages. The aluminum material itself brings a whole host of benefits, including a natural resistance to corrosion and the ability to be easily shaped. Additional services, including fabrication and secondary operations, allow for […] Read more »