Aluminum is Not Just Aluminum: The Best Alloys for Extrusion

Best Aluminum Alloys for Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusion

When it comes to the production of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, it is important to select the best material for the project. Pure aluminum is actually very soft, which is why the addition of other elements are needed to maximize the potential of this very flexible, sustainable, and durable metal. Alloying is the process […] Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Design Your Own Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Top 10 Reasons for Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

Have you ever wondered what the advantage would be to engineer and design your own custom aluminum extrusions? You’re not alone. There are many industries that now choose to extrude aluminum alloys into complex shapes and designs that are better suited to their specific needs. Instead of selecting standard extrusions, companies are working with custom […] Read more »

Secondary Operations: Our Aluminum Fabrication Capabilities

Secondary Operations Custom Aluminum Extrusion

A lot of discussion about the services available at our one-stop extrusion shop surround our expert ability to provide top quality custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication. While we are very proud of the services we are able to offer our clients, it is important to also consider all of the other options available at our […] Read more »

Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Doors and Windows

Custom Aluminum Doors and Windows

One of the most visible uses of standard aluminum extrusion and custom aluminum extrusion solutions is in the use of aluminum doors and windows. At Silver City Aluminum, we specialize in the creation of frames for doors and windows. Our clients order frames for consumer products, commercial materials, and industrial supplies. In addition to aluminum […] Read more »

Custom Engineering Aluminum Extrusion: Saving Time and Money

Custom Engineering Profiles for Aluminum

You might not think that custom aluminum extrusions could save you money, but in many situations they do. While it can take a bit of work at the beginning to design custom extrusion shapes that will reduce labor and secondary operations to streamline production and assembly, it is worth the effort. Engineering aluminum extrusion requires […] Read more »

The Best Aluminum Extrusion Finishing Solutions for Industry

Best Finishing Solutions for Aluminum Extrusions

When it comes to selecting the best aluminum extrusion finishing solutions for your industrial project, it pays to compare the different types to see what will work best for your particular situation. Aluminum painting services are popular, but would anodizing aluminum extrusion or powder-coating aluminum extrusion be a better option? At Silver City Aluminum, we […] Read more »

Real Reasons Why Custom Aluminum Extrusion Benefits Industry

Real Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion

A lot of times we hear hype about a certain material, metal, or product. Of course, that’s just marketing coming from the manufacturers and people behind the item in question. However, when it comes to the benefits of aluminum products, there’s no need to play it up or exaggerate the claims. The truth is that […] Read more »

Aluminum Industry Solutions: Custom Extrusion for Construction

Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Construction

Throughout the building industry, sustainable aluminum extrusions are used for many reasons. Some of the most common include high strength, low weight, resistance to corrosion, and the flexibility to design and create just about any shape. Aluminum industry solutions are ideal for many different types of building applications. A large percentage of the extrusions that […] Read more »

One Stop Shop Fabrication of Popular Aluminum Consumer Goods

Aluminum Consumer Goods

You might not realize it, but extruded aluminum consumer goods are all around you every day. Metal frames made from standard and custom aluminum dies are used to create everything from bicycle racks to metal ladders. The popularity of lightweight aluminum doors and windows has increased over the years, as they have proven to be […] Read more »

Important Advances Made in the Aluminum Automotive Industry

Aluminum Automotive Industry

As soon as the major automotive manufacturers jumped on the opportunity to switch from steel to aluminum, the race was on to build with this popular new material. While aluminum has been used in many different ways throughout the automotive industry, custom aluminum extrusion and other types of fabrication are now being used to help […] Read more »