Another area where aluminum products are always in demand is the marine industry. Silver City Aluminum has a lot of experience creating a variety of products for our customers who work with the marine industry, such as rails, decks, decking and more. Like with our other product development projects, we work closely with our marine customers to ensure that all of their specifications are met.


Dimensioned Sailboat Rub Rail

Boat Rails – Silver City Aluminum can design custom boat rails for sail boats (including rub rails), power boats or any other type of marine equipment. Basically anything that would ever need to be incorporated in the boat building process, can be extruded via custom product design at our facility. However, we do have an 8-inch diameter maximum.

Sail Boat Applications – Other marine profiles, such as sailboat rails and other structural materials, are no problem for Silver City Aluminum. We are even able to handle the most intricate of designs. Our in-house fabrication department can handle lots of these designs as well as specialty applications, including drilling holes and other elements that are specific to our clients’ requirements.

Sailboat Rail Extrusion

Decking and Aluminum Docks – We also handle a variety of decking orders, including aluminum docks and aluminum decks, for both residential and commercial needs. We are able to extrude custom docking systems and even custom aluminum residential decking for our customers.