Industry Solutions

Table 2Silver City Aluminum specializes in providing viable industry solutions to our clients who work in the areas of marine, automotive/trucking and lighting. Our many years of working with clients who work in these industries have given us valuable insight into their needs and requirements. As a result, we can help our clients get a jump start on placing orders for specific materials and products, due to our intimate knowledge of their industry.

Some of the products that we design and extrude on a regular basis include boat rails, custom boat rails for sail boats and power boats, structural materials, aluminum decking and docks. Our facility is able to create just about anything that someone in the marine industry might ever need through custom product design.

We can also deliver some of the most intricate designs and specialty applications. Silver City has the ability to drill holes and create other elements that are specific to the requirements of the client. With regard to aluminum decking and docks, we can design and fabricate these materials for both residential and commercial needs.

Silver City works with many clients in the lighting industry, extruding aluminum materials for track lighting and LED lighting. Currently these are the most widely requested types of lighting materials that our clients are ordering today.

One of our specialties is making custom aluminum tracks for just about any type of lighting fixture. We have a huge advantage over other manufacturers in that we are able to produce a truly custom product that conforms to the specific needs of our clients.

Our Industry Solutions Give You an Edge…
Contact Silver City Aluminum to find out more about our industry solutions. If you work in the automotive/trucking, marine or lighting industries, we can help you get an edge over your competition by assisting you in getting the custom products, parts and materials that you need in a much faster, shorter lead time than you will find anywhere else. Talk to our customer service agents or speak with one of our experienced technicians who specializes in these industry solutions to find out more. Call us today at 508-824-8631.