Display Profiles & Frames

Silver City Aluminum also works with clients who are looking for custom products that can be used for the picture frame and visual display industries. Our custom aluminum extrusion services are an excellent choice for creating durable, high quality materials that can be used to protect valuable imagery for residential and commercial use.


Picture Testrite FramePicture Frames – We do a lot of aluminum extrusion for the picture frame industry. Silver City Aluminum has the ability to supply extruded frames that can be then used to create custom products, such as quality pictures frames, that can be used for residential customers in the home and for professional customers in museums, offices and other commercial businesses.


DisplayDisplay Frames – Silver City Aluminum also produces aluminum extrusion for frames to be used in the visual display industry. These are then used to frame marketing or advertising materials, such as gas station signs, advertisements and other types of visual display for commercial business owners.