Special Services & Applications

Silver City Aluminum also offers a wide variety of special services and applications. Basically anything that can be dreamed up by our clients is a possible special aluminum extrusion profile up to 8-inches in diameter. While we do many different custom services and special applications for our customers, here is a list of some of the special extrusions we have done:


Snow GunSnow Making Applications – We have the ability to produce highly efficient custom snow making gun designs. Because they are made of special aluminum extrusion, our products are lightweight, yet very durable and are strong enough to withstand high pressure. They are also able to withstand tough outdoor conditions and temperatures, giving them an advantage over other similar applications.



ThermaxLiquid Nitrogen to Gas  Exchange Cold Sinks – Silver City Aluminum extrudes the heat sinks that are necessary for the liquid to gas conversion for big holding tanks. You might have seen these tanks in hospital parking lots, at commercial buildings and at local municipal public buildings and locations.

FabricatedCollarsCollars for the Automotive Industry – We also produce collars for the automotive and other similar industries, that are extruded first into long lengths before being cut into smaller pieces. Those smaller pieces are then used to fabricate opposite collars. This helps to reduce costs overall, making them even more cost-effective for our clients, but they are also an effective and durable alternative to more costly steel.


SmallTelescopeTelescoping Profiles – Silver City Aluminum has the ability to extrude telescoping profiles that fit into one another perfectly. We create these most often for display companies and each profile is kept at such a tight tolerance, that the smaller telescoping shape fits perfectly to create a snug product.