Specialty Extrusions for Custom Aluminum Products & Solutions

At Silver City Aluminum, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute best standards of quality control and service. Our ultimate goal is to provide a superior custom aluminum product that is designed according to the client’s specifications and that will exceed all expectations. We keep our focus on the application of the […] Read more »

Affordable Manufacturing: One-Stop Extrusion and Fabrication

In addition to all of the other inherent benefits of aluminum products, there is one that stands out loud and clear to manufacturers: affordability. While there are other advantages that can help make the finished product even more valuable, manufacturing methods that help reduce costs are extremely valuable, assisting businesses to become more profitable. Standard […] Read more »

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design & Manufacturing

Aluminum, as a material, is quite versatile. It is used by practically every industry in some way, offering distinct advantages over other similar options. The unique properties of aluminum are only part of what makes it attractive to designers and manufacturers. When you partner with a professional provider for custom aluminum extrusion, you gain insight […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Product Designs: Advanced Industry Solutions

The aluminum extrusion industry has played an incredibly significant role in the development of industry solutions required for the advancement of many unique products, parts, and components used around the world today. At Silver City Aluminum, we are proud of the work that we have done to help our clients with the design and engineering […] Read more »

Advanced Aluminum Solutions: The Value of Aluminum Materials

aluminum product values

When it comes to selecting materials and manufacturing methods, there is nothing quite as versatile as aluminum extrusion. While it has been around for many years and is used by a diverse array of industries, advanced aluminum solutions are causing even more designers and manufacturers to consider the advantages of aluminum materials. Developing and producing […] Read more »

One-Stop Aluminum Fabrication Shops: Quality Control Measures

Extrusion and fabrication are not mutually exclusive to one another. While many secondary operations can be prevented through custom design, there are some types of fabrication that must be done in order to achieve the desired goal. While we are dedicated to providing the very best quality control measures for standard and custom aluminum extrusion […] Read more »

Manufacturing Advantages & the Benefits of Aluminum Products

manufacturing advantages of aluminum extrusion

Choosing a material simply because it is popular does not make sense for manufacturers. While consumer interest can drive demand, the advantages that the material itself can provide should be the only reason it is used in production. Fortunately, aluminum industry solutions aren’t just valuable to manufacturers but are also becoming very well-known and popular […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design and Manufacturing Services

custom extrusion design and development

One of the best ways to achieve your manufacturing goals is to incorporate aluminum extrusion solutions into your product design. Not only is aluminum one of the most plentiful and affordable metals on the planet, but it also has many other attributes that make it perfect for practically every industry. At our one stop shop […] Read more »

Quality Materials Make the Difference for Extruded Aluminum

When it comes to the design and manufacture of custom extruded aluminum, quality control begins with the very first step. Not only is it essential to work with a provider that has an extensive background in the development and manufacturing of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, but you also need to choose the best aluminum […] Read more »

Advanced Industry Solutions: The Benefits of Aluminum Products

Many different industries rely on aluminum fabrication shops to provide them with the parts and components they need to create quality finished products for their customers. Silver City Aluminum works with clients who serve transportation, aerospace, marine, commercial, consumer, and other industrial manufacturing with high-quality, dependable services. We work with each client to determine their […] Read more »