Maximizing the Properties of Aluminum for Custom Extrusions

Properties of Aluminum for Custom Extrusions

There are many reasons why the aluminum extrusion industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. The benefits of extruded aluminum have far exceeded expectations and proven to be an extreme advantage across many different industries. Aluminum extrusion solutions are now used in many unique ways, even helping to reduce fuel consumption in […] Read more »

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions Advance Industrial Solutions

Sustainable Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Industry designers are always looking for new ways to raise the bar and take their creations to the next level. Extrusion and fabrication of aluminum alloys can be used to help you achieve your goals. Aluminum industry solutions and advances made in extrusion technology are attractive to engineers and developers across many different industries because […] Read more »

Custom Extrusion Design Advantages for the Aluminum Industry

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design for Industry

Compared to other metals often used in construction for various professional industries, aluminum offers a wide range of benefits to manufacturers and end users. It is extremely versatile and possesses many unique qualities that can help to enhance the performance of the final product. Other advantages make aluminum easier to work with, reducing overhead costs […] Read more »

Aluminum Finishing Solutions: Top Options for Custom Extrusion

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Finishing Solutions

When it comes time to choose the best aluminum finishing solutions for your custom or standard rod and bar aluminum extrusion, it is important to consider the options available at your one stop shop fabrication and finishing service. Silver City Aluminum has many years of experience, industry knowledge, and training with all of the latest […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusion and the US Transportation Industry

Custom Aluminum Extrusion for the Transportation Industry

There are many benefits of aluminum products when applied effectively in various industries. Compared to other industries who are now embracing the use of aluminum extrusion design to improve their products and equipment, increasing durability, longevity, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, the transportation industry is by far the big winner. Custom aluminum extrusion is used to provide […] Read more »

Top Quality, Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Today’s Industries

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

With so many companies looking to source their materials right here in the United States, more businesses are searching for US-based companies to provide them with sustainable aluminum extrusions. Studies show that the United States imports a lot of aluminum products from other countries, in particular, unfinished aluminum, aluminum plates, and sheets. However, when it […] Read more »

Aluminum is Not Just Aluminum: The Best Alloys for Extrusion

Best Aluminum Alloys for Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusion

When it comes to the production of custom and standard aluminum extrusions, it is important to select the best material for the project. Pure aluminum is actually very soft, which is why the addition of other elements are needed to maximize the potential of this very flexible, sustainable, and durable metal. Alloying is the process […] Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Design Your Own Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Top 10 Reasons for Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

Have you ever wondered what the advantage would be to engineer and design your own custom aluminum extrusions? You’re not alone. There are many industries that now choose to extrude aluminum alloys into complex shapes and designs that are better suited to their specific needs. Instead of selecting standard extrusions, companies are working with custom […] Read more »

Secondary Operations: Our Aluminum Fabrication Capabilities

Secondary Operations Custom Aluminum Extrusion

A lot of discussion about the services available at our one-stop extrusion shop surround our expert ability to provide top quality custom aluminum extrusion and fabrication. While we are very proud of the services we are able to offer our clients, it is important to also consider all of the other options available at our […] Read more »

Standard and Custom Aluminum Extrusion for Doors and Windows

Custom Aluminum Doors and Windows

One of the most visible uses of standard aluminum extrusion and custom aluminum extrusion solutions is in the use of aluminum doors and windows. At Silver City Aluminum, we specialize in the creation of frames for doors and windows. Our clients order frames for consumer products, commercial materials, and industrial supplies. In addition to aluminum […] Read more »