Aluminum Extrusions for Industry: Solutions Improve Products

Many different industries rely on aluminum extrusion for the development of exceptionally durable, low-cost, and flexible production. Extrusion solutions for automotive industry challenges, including reduced emissions, increased fuel efficiency, and improved safety, have been touted by auto manufacturers and inspectors around the globe. Aluminum extrusion for consumer products has also increased, creating new opportunities to […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Industry: Design Custom Aluminum Products

When it comes to designing parts, products, and components for commercial, industrial, and consumer manufacturing, the type of material that is chosen matters. There are significant differences in the performance of aluminum alloys versus other commonly used metals, such as steel, iron, and copper. Depending on the industry served and the intended use of the […] Read more »

Extruded Aluminum Design & Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

One of the ways that Silver City Aluminum helps our clients to maximize the return on investment for the extruded aluminum parts, products, and components that we create is to offer aluminum surface treatments. These custom aluminum coating solutions can be used to increase corrosion resistance and provide an improved function for certain products, depending […] Read more »

Benefits of Custom Extrusion: Lower Cost and Improved Results

The very process used to create aluminum extrusion design helps streamline production compared to other manufacturing methods. The term extrusion is used to describe a plastic deformation process which takes a solid piece of aluminum billet, heats it to a specific temperature to make it more malleable, and pushes it with great force through a […] Read more »

How to Design Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Industry

custom aluminum extrusion design

Custom extrusion design is used by many different industries to help them achieve their goals more effectively and efficiently. While it might sound more costly to engage in the creation of your own aluminum extrusion solutions instead of using basic standard or stock parts, most discover that they are able to save both time and […] Read more »

Using the Qualities of Aluminum to Your Advantage for Design

One of the reasons why many manufacturers choose to use aluminum alloy in the development of parts, products, and components is because of the inherent qualities of the material itself. Traditional aluminum frames, LED lighting, even structural components used in construction all take advantage of the benefits of aluminum products. Whether you choose to rely […] Read more »

Aluminum Industry Solutions: Standard & Custom Extrusion Dies

The most basic definition of aluminum extrusions is that they are shapes created through a process known as extrusion. Similar to squeezing toothpaste out of a round tube into a cylindrical shape or pressing dough through a machine to make macaroni or other special-shaped pasta, standard and custom extrusion dies can be used to create […] Read more »

Top Seven Reasons to Choose Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

Many of today’s business owners are searching for new ways to provide eco-friendly solutions for manufacturing and construction. There are many advantages of using aluminum to help achieve these goals. The benefits of the raw aluminum alloy, sustainable aluminum extrusions, and the aluminum surface treatments used to protect them can provide even more. Silver City […] Read more »

Advanced Industry Solutions: Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

custom aluminum extrusion parts

Compared to other metals commonly used in manufacturing, aluminum has established itself as a very versatile material used for creating complex shapes. Custom aluminum extrusion can take the designer beyond the basic shapes used in extrusion and fabrication services to create advanced industry solutions. Many different industries rely on aluminum extrusion solutions, including architecture and […] Read more »

Affordable Aluminum Extrusion for Cost-Effective Manufacturing

cost-effective aluminum extrusion

The cost to manufacture a part, component, or product is greatly influenced by two things: the materials and the method. Aluminum extrusion profiles offer a cost-effective solution for manufacturing that can provide considerable savings over other metals and techniques. Regardless of the industry you serve, or whether you design products for direct-to-consumer or business-to-business buyers, […] Read more »