Many Industries Served by Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

many industries aluminum extrusion

One of the ways that our team of engineers and technicians at Silver City Aluminum stays on top of the latest design trends, techniques, and high-quality methods for custom aluminum extrusion is by serving a diverse array of clients. Our customers come to us from just about every industry imaginable, searching for aluminum extrusion solutions […] Read more »

What’s Behind Increased Demand for Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

increased demand for custom aluminum extrusions

Industry reports reveal that global primary production of aluminum increased by nearly six percent in 2017 and demand has continued to expand ever since. You can see the growth simply by watching price trends and stocks for international aluminum. Insiders anticipate that aluminum use will continue to grow in the coming years. Known in particular […] Read more »

Growth of Aluminum Extrusion Design in the Furniture Industry

aluminum extrusion for industry

There are many different industries that benefit from the advantages of using aluminum for parts, components, and various products. One of the sectors that is growing in its use of aluminum is the furniture industry. There are many different types of furniture that use aluminum extrusion design. Standard and custom extrusion dies can help to […] Read more »

Benefits of Aluminum Products to American Industries & Consumers

custom aluminum extrusion

One of the most common alloys used in custom extrusion design is the 6000 series. At Silver City Aluminum, this is the aluminum alloy group that we use to provide the most benefits of aluminum products to our customers. Aluminum industry solutions are designed to be strong and stable while offering just one-third the weight […] Read more »

Advantages of Using Aluminum for Manufacturing of Heat Sinks

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Heatsinks for Industry

There is no limit to the ways that aluminum can be used in manufacturing. For example, custom extrusion design is an excellent solution for the development of both low and high volume extruded aluminum heatsinks. All of the advantages of using aluminum significantly benefit this type of application, providing top quality and practical thermal energy […] Read more »

Custom Extruded Aluminum Boat Docks & Marine Access Solutions

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Boat Docks

One of the many ways that the marine industry utilizes custom aluminum extrusion is in the design and manufacture of docks, marinas, and other marine access solutions. Aluminum boat docks are designed to last much longer than traditional wood materials, providing slip-proof, corrosion-resistant aluminum products for industry that are sustainable and perfect for such a […] Read more »

Aluminum Trim for Buildings: Options for Surface Treatments

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Home Exterior Trim

Structural and decorative, aluminum trim for buildings provides a functional purpose and adds aesthetic flair to any project. While there are many applications for home trim accents, both indoors and outdoors, the most common use by far is as an exterior accent for single-family and multi-family structures. Door and window frames, porches, and roofs are […] Read more »

Benefits of Aluminum Products Compared to Other Top Materials

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Doors and Windows

Architects and residential construction companies are always looking to choose materials and products that will meet or exceed the expectations of prospective home buyers. Some of the reasons that they will use a particular material is that it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Other influences include industry trends, such as aesthetic appeal for designers or […] Read more »

Structural Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion in Construction

Structural Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion

There are many benefits associated with using extrusion solutions for the construction industry. However, the most significant advantages industry the cost benefits for choosing aluminum as a material and the structural integrity of the metal itself. The aesthetic appeal of traditional aluminum frames used in doors, windows, and construction of other accents and elements used […] Read more »

How to Save Time & Money With Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

Save Time and Money Custom Extrusion

Many different industries rely on the benefits of custom extrusion design to streamline manufacturing and reduce the number of secondary operations that need to be performed. When you take the time to design a custom profile with the support of experienced aluminum fabrication shops like Silver City Aluminum, it is possible to increase the return […] Read more »