Essential Manufacturing Services: Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Government organizations have recognized the importance of essential manufacturing services that provide parts, components, and supplies to some of our nation’s most critical industries. Aluminum fabrication shops that specialize in standard and custom aluminum extrusion provide vital extrusion solutions for industry. Over the years, Silver City Aluminum has worked with a very diverse array of […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for Extrusion & Fabrication

Aluminum is a very flexible material in that it can be used across multiple industries, providing excellent benefits for each based on its inherent properties. One of those advantages includes the ability to take on custom aluminum coating solutions and use them to enhance the aesthetic properties and function of the finished product. When used […] Read more »

Advantages of Aluminum Products and Custom Aluminum Profiles

While aluminum on its own is a very versatile and beneficial metal used to create parts, products, and components for nearly every industry in existence, the benefits of aluminum extrusion can be even more significant. Aluminum extrusion profiles are used in everything from delicate electronics to high-value machinery for military and defense contractors. The impressive […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing: Modern Industry Solutions

Aluminum has been used for many years to make commercial, industrial, and consumer products. It is easily formed, machined, and extruded to create an endless array of shapes and sizes that are used to create parts, products, and components for nearly every industry on the planet. Aluminum is extremely plentiful, making it one of the […] Read more »

Work With Custom Designs for Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

sustainable aluminum extrusions

Compared to other industrial metals that are used to create commercial and consumer parts, components, and products, nothing is as sustainable as aluminum. Custom aluminum extruders take raw and recycled aluminum billet and use it to create effective and efficient pieces for clients who serve just about every industry around the globe. Aluminum is considered […] Read more »

Aluminum Industry Solutions: Designing Profiles for Industry

One of the areas that we specialize in at Silver City Aluminum is in the development and design of custom aluminum extrusion profiles for industry. We have proudly served many different industries, including construction, the New England marine industry, public transportation, LED lighting, and have created extrusion solutions for automotive industry needs. We take care […] Read more »

Benefits of Aluminum Products and Custom Aluminum Extrusion

aluminum product benefits

Developers and manufacturers need to weigh the benefits of the various materials that they have to work with to create products, parts, and components for consumer, commercial, and industrial projects. When it comes to metal, there are quite a few options that are considered to be industry standards, such as steel, copper, and aluminum. However, […] Read more »

One Call Does It All for Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication

Business owners can benefit greatly from finding resources that meet all of their manufacturing needs under one roof. At Silver City Aluminum, we like to say, “one call does it all” because we can offer our clients services that range from the initial development and design of custom extrusion profiles all the way through extrusion […] Read more »

Design Custom Extrusion Profiles and Solutions for Industry

Engineers across all industries are continually looking for new ways to save time and money. Cost savings can be extremely important to reduce overhead and increase profit. One of the best methods to lower costs for manufacturing is to create custom extrusion design for aluminum parts, products, and components. Unfortunately, many business owners incorrectly believe […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Products: Fabrication and Finishing Options

There are many advantages to working with a one-stop-shop for creating custom aluminum products. Silver City Aluminum offers standard and custom aluminum extrusion design, along with post extrusion operations, sawing and deburring, or aluminum surface treatments, depending on the needs of the client. We take pride in our ability to offer so many services to […] Read more »