One Stop Shop for Custom Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication

one stop shop extrusion and fabrication

At Silver City Aluminum, we do it all for our customers. From the development of custom extrusion design to the selection of the best aluminum alloys, extrusion and fabrication, finishing, and shipping – our one stop shop fabrication and extrusion facility in Southeastern Massachusetts takes care of everything in-house. Whatever your needs, our team of […] Read more »

Industry Solutions from the Custom Aluminum Extrusion Industry

industry solutions aluminum

Aluminum products are all around us, providing valuable benefits in ways that most people don’t even understand or appreciate. The world’s most plentiful metal is also number one in recycling, making it extremely affordable and friendly to the environment. As a result, there are many industries that rely on aluminum for the manufacture of various […] Read more »

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion: Qualities of Aluminum Materials

benefits of aluminum extrusion

Aluminum extrusions are very versatile, strong, and affordable, providing quality products, parts, and components to many different industries. Aluminum fabrication shops, such as Silver City Aluminum in Southeastern Massachusetts, offer manufacturers the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of aluminum extrusion and the inherent qualities of aluminum materials. Our aluminum extrusion facility works with […] Read more »

Custom Extrusion Finishing: Powder Coating & Anodizing Services

custom extrusion finishing

Aluminum finishing solutions provide many benefits to the finished extrusion product. Whether you are creating parts, components, or complete products, the reasons for choosing to apply a custom extrusion finishing solution can be very diverse. The first reason to apply a solution, such as painting aluminum extrusion or using powder coating and anodizing services, is […] Read more »

Save Time and Money: One Stop Shop Extrusion and Fabrication

save time and money with aluminum extrusion

In the world of product design and manufacturing, it is essential to learn how to save both time and money to maximize profits and increase return on investment. Aluminum extrusion manufacturing can help your organization to get its products to market at a faster rate due to our impressive lead times. In addition, custom extrusion […] Read more »

Innovative Aluminum Design: Extrusion Solutions for Industry

innovative aluminum design

Every industry has unique requirements and demands on the quality and precision used to create the parts, products, and components necessary for everyday use. At Silver City Aluminum, we serve clients who represent just about every industry that exists, from lighting and LED lighting to automotive and just about everything in between. Marine industry clients […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusion: Design Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

design custom extrusion

At Silver City Aluminum, we do many different types of extrusions for our customers. However, we specialize in the engineering and manufacture of custom aluminum products. You might think that it is difficult to design your own aluminum extrusion profiles, but we work with each customer from the early design phase to ensure the best […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication for Construction Industry


There are many advantages of using aluminum for the design of custom profiles that can be essential components, parts, and products in many different industries. Working with a knowledgeable extrusion manufacturer can yield additional benefits, such as taking advantage of the inherent qualities of the alloy itself, as well as in the design of custom […] Read more »

Custom Extrusion Design: Quality Solutions from Start to Finish

custom aluminum extrusion solutions

When it comes to the design and manufacture of the parts, components, and products that your organization produces and sells, it pays to focus on the details. Custom extrusion design can help you to achieve your goals, keep your costs down, and ensure that you have the quality parts that you need when and where […] Read more »

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion vs Other Types of Production

advantages of aluminum extrusion

There are several different methods used in the manufacture of metal parts, products, and components. However, a closer look at these different types reveals that there is a clear advantage to choosing to work with extruded aluminum parts. Some of the other methods used include casting and forging, both of which are used regularly with […] Read more »