One Stop Shop Fabrication: Specialty Aluminum Extrusion Design

specialty extrusion design for industry solutions

Due to our vast experience creating custom extrusion dies and industry solutions for our clients, Silver City Aluminum has earned a solid reputation for creating specialty aluminum extrusion design right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and throughout the industry. Our one stop shop fabrication facility does everything on-site, reducing our lead times considerably compared to our […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusion: New England Marine Industry Solutions

custom aluminum extrusions for the marine industry

While there are a great many products and tools available on the market that are used today to streamline the work done across the marine industry, businesses continue to bring forth innovations that can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness across the board. Aluminum fabrication shops can help designers to bring their ideas to […] Read more »

Aluminum Industry Solutions: Versatile, Durable, Sustainable

Custom aluminum extrusion

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword that is used by environmentalists. Everyone from consumers to architects and product manufacturers to marketing firms is aware of the importance of using sustainable materials, reducing energy consumption, and lowering carbon emissions. Commercial construction and home renovations, product development and shipping – nearly every industry has felt the […] Read more »

The Many Advantages of Using Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

recyclable and sustainable aluminum extrusion

Regardless of the industry that you are in, the chances are good that you have at least discussed increasing the sustainability of your product. Consumers are very interested in purchasing goods that are manufactured using sustainable materials and with sustainable methods. Having the ability to truthfully state that your products were responsibly designed and produced […] Read more »

What Are Post-Extrusion Operations for Aluminum Extrusion?

Post Extrusion Operations Aluminum Alloy

Standard and custom aluminum extrusion involves the formation of a specific shape or profile through the use of heated metal that is pushed through a steel die with tremendous force. Any processes that are done after the extrusion has been completed are considered to be post-extrusion operations. Fabrication work can include sawing and deburring, as […] Read more »

Quality Aluminum Extrusion: One Stop Shop Fabrication in MA

One stop shop fabrication and extrusion

The aluminum fabrication shops that you choose to work with for extrusion, fabrication, and finishing will play a big part in the quality of your finished piece, component or product. It is imperative to consider the standards, methods, and reputation of the business within the aluminum extrusion industry because it will influence your results. One […] Read more »

Architectural Aluminum Extrusion: Custom Profiles for Industry

Architectural Aluminum Profiles

There are certain situations where standard rod and bar aluminum will do, but when you require custom solutions in architectural aluminum extrusion, it’s time to design custom extrusion dies. While it might seem that custom work would cost more, it can actually save manufacturers in a lot of different ways. Custom profiles can help to […] Read more »

6000-Series Aluminum Alloys & Benefits of Aluminum Products

6000-series aluminum alloy for extrusion

When it comes to industrial applications, it is very rare for pure aluminum to be used, especially when it comes to standard and custom aluminum extrusion. Aluminum is typically alloyed with other metals, which are used to enhance the natural benefits of aluminum products. The additives that are used to create the alloys will depend […] Read more »

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions for Home Improvement Industry

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

As more architects, builders, and contractors strive to meet client demands for sustainability, one material stands out from the crowd. The most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, aluminum is derived from bauxite, which is mined in several different parts of the world. Custom aluminum extrusion utilizes proven aluminum alloys to create many different parts, […] Read more »

Marine Industry Aluminum Extrusions and Surface Treatments

Marine Industry Aluminum Extrusion

There are many different ways that architects, designers, developers, and builders use extrusion solutions for marine industry solutions. Standard and custom aluminum extrusions can be created to provide strength while reducing weight compared to products made using other metal materials. Aluminum surface treatments can enhance the natural anti-corrosive benefits associated with using marine industry aluminum. […] Read more »