Quality Extrusion: Maximize the Benefits of Aluminum Products

maximize the benefits of aluminum extrusion

Both extrusion and fabrication can be performed concurrently. While careful planning can eliminate the need for numerous intermediate steps, there are still some forms of fabrication that are essential to accomplishing the final objective. Silver City Aluminum is a leading provider of quality control measures for both standard and custom aluminum extrusion, and the company’s […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Extrusions: Top Aluminum Industry Solutions

innovative industry solutions

Silver City Aluminum is pleased to offer both custom extrusion design and standard aluminum extrusions to its clientele as high-quality solutions for the aluminum industry. Homogenized aluminum, or raw aluminum billet, that has been heat-treated and combined to create the specific alloys used to make the parts, products, and components we use, is what we […] Read more »

Experienced Aluminum Fabrication Shops for Quality Extrusion

experienced fabrication shops for aluminum extrusion

Companies can benefit greatly from developing their own unique extrusion designs, as doing so can cut production costs, shorten product development periods, and improve quality. Working with Silver City Aluminum is a terrific method to get the results you want without wasting time and money if you are new to the idea of designing custom […] Read more »

Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for Professional Results

coating solutions results for aluminum extrusion

Aluminum is one of the most widely used metals because of its many interesting properties. The fact that it can provide a natural barrier against wear and corrosion is particularly fascinating. If the oxide layer on aluminum is damaged in any way—during fabrication, for example—it will heal on its own. Some of our customers choose […] Read more »

Sustainable Extrusion for the Automotive Industry and Beyond

sustainable extrusion for industry

Nothing is more sustainably produced than aluminum, which is utilized to make parts, components, and products for both commercial and consumer use. Custom aluminum extruders use raw and recycled aluminum billet to produce useful and effective products for customers who support virtually every sector worldwide. Many people believe that aluminum is a more environmentally friendly […] Read more »

Silver City Aluminum: Quality Extruded Parts and Components

quality extruded parts

Utilizing custom aluminum extrusions in your product design is one of the finest methods to meet your manufacturing objectives. Aluminum is one of the most accessible and economical metals on the world, and it also has a number of additional qualities that make it ideal for almost every business. We offer a comprehensive range of […] Read more »

Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusion and Design for Industry

benefits custom extrusion

We take pleasure in being able to work with our clients to develop and produce unique extrusion designs at Silver City Aluminum. When creating our bespoke aluminum extrusion profiles, we employ a few different methods during the extrusion, fabrication, and finishing stages. From a number of vendors, we buy homogenized aluminum billet, which is produced […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Growth: Advantages of Aluminum Materials

aluminum extrusion growth

Manufacturers can benefit greatly from aluminum alloy extrusion and manufacturing. The creation of features utilized in construction has become significantly aided by the aluminum extrusion method. When compared to other metals and materials frequently utilized to make parts, components, and products, custom aluminum products have advantages such as lower costs and higher structural integrity. Due […] Read more »

New England Marine Industry Aluminum: Custom Design Solutions

marine industry aluminum

One of the industries that we work very closely with is the New England region is the marine industry. Small boats, large boats, fishing boats, cruise ships, yachts, and a variety of other marine vessels all rely heavily on aluminum extrusion for industry parts, products, and components. The high strength-to-weight ration of aluminum makes it […] Read more »

Designing Custom Aluminum Products for Unique Industry Needs

design aluminum products for industry

One of the clear advantages to designing your own custom aluminum extrusions for manufacturing is that you are able to create solutions to common design issues that will help to save time and money. Aluminum extrusion design allows manufacturers to create innovative designs that will help them to create strong, more durable products that require […] Read more »