Doors & Windows

One of the areas that Silver City Aluminum specializes in is the creation of frames for doors and windows. Our commitment to providing quality custom products for our clients has helped us to earn a respected reputation in the industry in this area. There are four primary products that we produce for our clients that are used to build quality doors and windows.


aluminum-windowsFrames – Through many years of experience, we have perfected the art of extruding frames for our clients that are of the highest quality standards – including paint as well as mill. Silver City Aluminum takes pride in our quality control program, both in the manufacturing and transport of our products. Because we dedicate ourselves to every step of the process, we are able to ensure delivery of a top shelf product with no dents, scratches or other inconsistencies.


Deck of House Windows and DoorsReinforcements – Another aspect of product development for doors and windows is in the extrusion of reinforcement aluminum profiles in absolutely any shape or size to suit the needs of our clients. We work directly with our customers to ensure that every single part of their assembled custom product will come together exactly as planned. Our team will even go the extra mile to help in the design phase of product development, to ensure that all details are considered and to suggest the best possible way to go in production.


Paneling – Our goal in the development of paneling for doors and windows is to provide our clients with the most aesthetically pleasing and dimensionally fitting extrusions. We are able to accommodate any need or specification to ensure that the end results exceed the customer’s expectations.

Door Frames MidWest

imageThermal Filling and De-Bridging – Many of the door designs that we work with at Silver City Aluminum also provide a thermal break or barrier, as a means of ensuring proper insulation from the outdoor elements. As a result, we have a fully automated Filler and De-Bridging machine in-house to fulfill this need. Our team is capable of first filling the break in the profile, and then de-bridging it to achieve any cavity depth that is desired by our client’s specifications.