Custom Aluminum Extrusion: Strategies for Structural Designs

Aluminum is one of the most durable, maintenance-free materials available for structural building projects. Compared to steel and iron, it provides significant advantages that are only available through the use of aluminum extrusion solutions. A variety of custom design elements, specialty options, and secondary operations can further increase extrusion benefits. Studies show that in traditional […] Read more »

Proven Quality Control Measures for Custom Aluminum Products

While we are proud of many things that we do for our clients at Silver City Aluminum, one of the areas where we have the most pride is in our dedication to ensuring the best standards of quality. We have implemented quality control measures for the purpose of delivering the best possible results for every […] Read more »

Increased Demand: Aluminum Extrusion and Fabrication Expands

custom aluminum extrusion

Aluminum industry solutions are being used across many different manufacturing industries due to the inherent benefit of aluminum alloy materials and the cost-savings and advantages of the extrusion process. At Silver City Aluminum, we provide a wide range of services for the extrusion and fabrication of aluminum alloys for customers in the local New England […] Read more »

Advantages of Aluminum Products: Arguments for Alloy Extrusion

The most plentiful metal on the planet also has many inherent qualities that make it a top manufacturing choice. Used by many different industries that enjoy the advantages of aluminum products, custom, and standard aluminum extrusions are more popular than ever. Fixtures and displays, vehicles, signs, window and door frames, LED lighting, transportation, aerospace, and […] Read more »

Types of Aluminum Alloys and How They Are Used in Extrusion

aluminum alloys for extrusion

An aluminum alloy is a manufacturing material that is created when combining raw aluminum with a specific percentage of other metals and materials. When it comes to choosing the best alloy for production, professional custom aluminum extruders often turn to the popular 6000-series. Whether you are creating stock rod and bar aluminum or need to […] Read more »

Industry Solutions: Aluminum Surface Treatments for Extrusion

Choosing the right finishing solution for your standard or custom aluminum extrusion parts, components, and products can be challenging. The more you can learn about the common aluminum surface treatments used by industry professionals, the easier that decision will be to make. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide range of custom options and opportunities for […] Read more »

Design Opportunities for Creating Custom Aluminum Extrusions

custom aluminum extrusion design

There are many advantages associated with choosing aluminum extrusion profiles for manufacturing. The strength and durability of aluminum combined with the cost-effective extrusion method can make it extremely attractive to many different industries. The manufacture of consumer products, automotive parts, components for military and aerospace, structural designs for construction and architecture – there are so […] Read more »

Advantages of Using Aluminum Extrusion for Consumer Products

Selecting the materials to use during manufacturing can be a make-or-break decision when it comes to consumer products. There are many benefits associated with using aluminum products, parts, and components. Long life, sustainability, and durability are just some of the reasons consumers choose products made from aluminum materials. Custom aluminum extrusion can provide even more […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusions for Industry: Solutions Improve Products

Many different industries rely on aluminum extrusion for the development of exceptionally durable, low-cost, and flexible production. Extrusion solutions for automotive industry challenges, including reduced emissions, increased fuel efficiency, and improved safety, have been touted by auto manufacturers and inspectors around the globe. Aluminum extrusion for consumer products has also increased, creating new opportunities to […] Read more »

Aluminum Extrusion Industry: Design Custom Aluminum Products

When it comes to designing parts, products, and components for commercial, industrial, and consumer manufacturing, the type of material that is chosen matters. There are significant differences in the performance of aluminum alloys versus other commonly used metals, such as steel, iron, and copper. Depending on the industry served and the intended use of the […] Read more »