Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions: Custom Extruded Aluminum Products

sustainable extrusionsManufacturing and industry may be difficult fields to work in, particularly when sustainability is a top priority for everybody. Reducing a product’s environmental effect and selecting non-toxic components that won’t hurt users are two goals that might complicate manufacturing. One piece of content, nevertheless, sticks out from the others. It may be applied to a wide range of sectors, including consumer items and structural parts. The advantages of aluminum products — especially extruded aluminum — have drawn producers from all over the world.

Sustainable aluminum extrusions have aided in keeping companies compliant with their pledge to lower production-related energy usage while also lowering manufacturing expenses. Although aluminum is a very sustainable material, even better things happen when designers go above and above and opt to make unique aluminum extrusion products, components, and materials. As the usage of this adaptable material continues to grow and advance, the advantages of employing aluminum in production have even beyond the expectations of many inside the aluminum sector.

Aluminum Extrusion Products

Aluminum is the third most plentiful element in the world, which gives it an advantage over many other popular materials used in industry and production. Aluminum is abundant and has the special capacity to be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its fundamental characteristics, such as strength and durability. Most aluminum produced worldwide is still in use today, accounting for around 75% of total production. It is applicable to a wide range of sectors, including residential and high-rise building construction. It may be applied to the production of eco-friendly and effective materials, such as LED lighting casings, windows, and doors.

Aluminum may be rolled, forged, and cast, but when it’s utilized to make a custom aluminum extrusion, it offers even more strength, toughness, and flexibility. Its superior strength and reduced weight combine to offer solutions for consumer cars and other vital transportation sectors’ fuel economy. Because aluminum has a strong resistance to rust and corrosion due to a natural oxidation layer that can withstand exposure to air, salt, water, and temperature changes, it may be utilized in locations where these issues are present. Aluminum products offer numerous advantages for the industry, and we have only just begun to discover all the ways in which sustainable aluminum extrusions may be put to work for us.

Advantages of Aluminum Products

Apart from the numerous ways that extruded aluminum may lower energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental issues, the Aluminum Association has made significant efforts to improve raw material sustainability even more. Usually, bauxite hydroxides and minerals are combined to provide the basis material for aluminum. It is the most plentiful element in the planet, save from silicon and oxygen. The aluminum industry has been keeping an eye on the sustainability of mining methods for more than 25 years in an effort to proactively enhance the performance of the sector as a whole. Bauxite mining uses extremely little energy and has a very little environmental effect in comparison to other forms of mining.

Recycled aluminum is frequently utilized to make extruded aluminum because it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its key properties. As a matter of fact, Silver City Aluminum uses billets for both conventional and specialty aluminum extrusion that include 99.9 percent recycled aluminum. Over the past few decades, there has been a significant expansion in the engineering and design of aluminum buildings, products, parts, and industrial solutions. The greater our team’s involvement with our clients, the better the final project turns out. Because of the years of training and expertise that our team has accumulated, we are able to provide our clients excellent engineering, design, and manufacturing advice that will help them reach or surpass their goals.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

At Silver City Aluminum, we handle everything internally. We collaborate with every customer to fully use the advantages of aluminum goods. At our plant in Taunton, Massachusetts, we place a high priority on quality control for every order we fulfill. We can assist you in making informed decisions that will maximize the return on your investment, regardless of whether your project calls for standard or custom extruded aluminum. We are able to significantly beat the industry lead time since we handle everything ourselves.

From the day the order is placed until the day it is delivered to the client, the industry norm is one to one and a half months. With our own fleet of trucks, our team can deliver finished custom aluminum goods to our clients in a maximum of three to four weeks. This is how long we typically take from start to finish. Call us at 508-824-8631 or use our web form to get in touch with our team if you have any questions about Silver City Aluminum or would want to discuss placing an order with one of our engineers.