Experienced Engineers: Standard & Custom Profiles for Aluminum Extrusion

experienced engineers coatings for aluminum extrusionHere at Silver City Aluminum, we discuss custom profiles for aluminum extrusion quite a bit. This is a result of our pride in the job we accomplish for the aluminum extrusion sector. Every day, our team of highly skilled, qualified, and experienced engineers and technicians assists our clients in producing stronger, more intelligent parts, products, and components. When we collaborate to achieve a goal, there is no issue we can’t resolve or solution we can’t find.

Work With Our Experienced Engineers

It’s also critical to discuss common extrusions, including rod and bar aluminum or hollow aluminum tubes. Silver City Aluminum offers a wide selection of superior standard or stock profiles so that our customers may produce extruded components of superior quality. We collaborate with many different industries, such as consumer products, construction, lighting, automotive, and maritime. You might thus assume that we have amassed a veritable gold mine of standard forms.

We put the same effort and commitment into producing standard extrusions for our customers as we do custom components. Every order we do will adhere to the same levels of quality control and excellence that we offer for our custom extrusions. There are several applications for standard aluminum extrusion forms in daily life. A few applications for aluminum include window and door frames, picture frames, display frames, and hardware for LED lighting. Manufacturers might alter the typical form to achieve novel outcomes, solve design problems, or enhance the quality of the final product.

Services to Produce Extruded Components

Compared to unprocessed metals, aluminum that has been extruded will have a far superior surface polish. The extrusion process hardens the heated metal and brings out even more of this amazing material’s inherent properties. Not just custom designs, but all forms of extrusion provide these advantages. Aluminum is an obvious option for many sectors due to its inherent properties, which include a natural oxidation layer that protects it from corrosion and a high strength-to-weight ratio. With their knowledge, our engineers can satisfy orders and get the most out of them.

Extra finishing methods may be applied to standard extrusions such hollow aluminum tubes, T-, L-, and C-shaped aluminum, as well as ordinary rod and bar aluminum. These choices are made for various purposes, like enhancing the piece’s final look or boosting protection for use in corrosive or abrasive environments. At Silver City Aluminum, we provide in-house painting, powder coating, and anodizing solutions for both custom and conventional extrusions. We use techniques that go above and beyond industry norms for aluminum extrusion to deliver exceptional quality.

Coating Solutions for Aluminum Extrusion

Painting: First, we pretreat the surface using a four-step wash procedure that comprises an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and finally a regular pre-wash. We take this action to provide superior adherence to the aluminum components for an extended lifespan. The application for the painting service is the following stage. Parts up to 21 feet in length may be handled by our vertical electrostatic Polycron line. Our crew applies the paint at a thickness of two milliliters wet, and as each item is processed, they manually inspect it on the line. After painting, the components are baked in one of our dedicated ovens to cure the paint.

Powder-Coating: To deliver a polished appearance that meets or beyond each client’s requirements, our team collaborates with a number of various powder coaters and anodizers. The component being finished, the choice of powder coating and anodizers, and the lead time for this finishing option will all affect the time required. Depending on the demands of the client, we can produce large and tiny pieces, large and small batches, and alternatives like clear coating, black, or unique multi-color selections.

High-Quality Aluminum Profiles

Nothing we do at Silver City Aluminum is routine. We go above and beyond the requirements set out by the aluminum extrusion sector to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers. We can handle all of your needs, including conventional or custom extrusions, aluminum rod and bar, and specialty hollow aluminum tubes. Further customisation is possible through the use of secondary procedures that may be carried out following extrusion. We save you time and money by doing everything internally. We have some of the fastest lead times in the industry, and in dire circumstances, we can also offer expedited services to customers that need their orders delivered even sooner. Contact us at 508-824-8631 to talk with a member of our staff and discover why Silver City Aluminum is the ideal option for all of your needs related to aluminum extrusion.