Post-Extrusion Operations for Custom Extrusion and Fabrication

post extrusion operationsAluminum extrusion, both standard and custom, is forming a certain shape or profile by forcing heated metal through a steel die with extreme force. Post-extrusion operations are any procedures carried out after the extrusion has been finished. Sawing and deburring are examples of fabrication activity; additional fabrications include punching, mitering, heli-coiling, and even assembling. Depending on the requirements of the customer, finishing options like anodizing, powder coating, or painting aluminum goods can be applied after extrusion and fabrication.

Sawing and Deburring – and So Much More!

When you hire our staff to produce your standard and custom aluminum extrusion parts, components, and products, everything is completed in-house under the guidance of our highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers and technicians. At our plant in Taunton, Massachusetts, we do all extrusion and post-extrusion processes internally. Almost any item or design that our customers need may be custom-fabricated by our fabrication department. To provide outcomes that go above and beyond expectations, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards.

Our team possesses the exceptional capacity to fabricate tiny components as little as.25 inches and lengthy parts as long as thirty feet. Our high-speed Emmegi CNC machines, which have a 4+1 controllable axis that can be constantly controlled in the range of 0-180 degrees, are used to process our lengthy component fabrications. To achieve consistent results, we additionally mill a processed part’s five sides at incredibly fine tolerances using angle machining heads. Our high-speed Fanuc Robo Drill machines, which run on a 3-axis system that also offers incredibly tight tolerances for quality and consistency, are used to produce our short components, which range in length from a quarter of an inch to 27 inches.

Specialized Post-Extrusion Operations

In addition to CNC fabrication and related services, we also provide our customers with the option for specialized pneumatic and hydraulic punches for high- and low-volume projects as part of our CNC fabrication services. Our two cutting-edge B&O precision saws, which can keep close tolerances for parts ranging in length from 240 inches to a quarter of an inch, are also available for precision sawing. Mitering fabrication services are available in lengths ranging from 13.75 inches to 19 feet, 8 inches, and in capacities ranging from 22.5 to 135 degrees.

At Silver City Aluminum, we offer deburring as a part of our secondary operations for all extrusions and fabrications, particularly following punching, sawing, and other fabrication procedures. Depending on the needs of the product, tumble deburring and vibratory deburring are used to remove burrs without causing harm to the aluminum materials. Heli-coil inserts, which are precisely manufactured and then fitted into a heli-coil tapped hole for a strong and dependable fit to avoid rusting, corroding, and wearing out over time, are one of the additional approaches we offer to our clients. In addition to basic sawing and deburring, we provide industry-specific post-extrusion procedures, telescoping profiles, and product assembly.

Painting Aluminum Goods

At our Massachusetts location, we take pleasure in being able to meet all of our clients’ needs from beginning to end. Our staff can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you need basic extrusion and fabrication or specialized services like powder coating or painting aluminum items before shipment. At Silver City Aluminum, we offer painting, powder coating, and anodizing as finishing options. To achieve long-lasting, excellent results, our paint department even applies finishing solutions above and above industry standard standards.

Parts up to twenty feet in length can be painted using our Polycron paint range. In order to deliver an excellent adhesion and uniform color application, we aim for perfection in all of our paint services. This enables us to surpass client expectations and adhere to stringent industry norms. To ensure superior adhesion, we offer a four-step pre-treat procedure that involves etching, clean washing, neutralizing, and standard washing every component. We apply the paint in a vertical electrostatic Polycron line with a 2 milliliter wet thickness. To guarantee high-quality and reliable outcomes, our staff keeps an eye on and inspects the passing portions. After being cured in our specially designed ovens, each component is manually removed from the line one at a time so that our personnel may examine it before shipping.

Powder Coating and Anodizing

To provide our clients a finish that satisfies their practical and aesthetic requirements, we employ a variety of powder coaters and anodizers. To assist give your final pieces a unique color and style, choose from an infinite variety of hues. Speak with a member of our staff to go over your requirements for colors, powder coating, and other finishing touches for all of your components and completed products.

Both short and long pieces can have little or big runs of anodizing done in accordance with the client’s specifications. Anodizing options available to clients include clear, black, multicolored, and an infinite number of custom finishes upon request. During this procedure, textures can be applied to improve protection for usage in harsh locations and to increase the function of the part or component.

Extrusion and Fabrication Services

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our post-extrusion procedures for both conventional and customized aluminum extrusion. We are able to address any inquiries you may have regarding sawing and deburring, painting aluminum goods, or extrusion and fabrication. Give us a call at 508-824-8631 to discuss your needs for high-quality aluminum extrusion with a member of our staff.