Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design: One-Stop Shop Fabrication

custom aluminum designIn Southeastern Massachusetts and across the industry, Silver City Aluminum has established a strong reputation for producing unique aluminum extrusion designs because of our extensive experience in designing custom extrusion dies and industry solutions for our clients. Compared to our rivals, our one-stop shop fabrication plant significantly shortens lead times by handling everything on-site. Our staff can assist you in achieving your objectives whether you need specific profile designs, one-of-a-kind secondary processes, or finishing services like painting or anodizing aluminum goods for your project.

Custom Shapes and Profiles

Above all, we serve clients in several sectors both domestically and internationally by offering premium aluminum extrusions. Based on your particular requirements, we can provide an infinite number of custom forms and alternatives in addition to typical extrusion shapes and sizes. We handle everything internally so that we can guarantee client satisfaction by having total quality control over each and every stage of the procedure. Our objective is to deliver finished orders that surpass our clients’ expectations, and we have very high requirements for quality.

If you need a custom aluminum extrusion design, we’ve discovered that the better the outcome, the earlier we collaborate with our clients throughout the development stage. You may rely on our extensive expertise and experience to make sure you receive the parts, goods, or components you need in the most effective manner. To find out more about what we do, visit our website to see more about our extrusion, fabrication, and finishing capabilities. Alternatively, you may have a direct conversation about your demands and find out what would be needed to accomplish your goals with one of our engineers or technicians.

Premium Aluminum Extrusions

We can do everything you can dream of at our Southeastern Massachusetts facility. Specialty aluminum extrusion design is produced by Silver City Aluminum using the advanced machinery and facilities together with the expertise of our staff. In order to increase fuel efficiency, we have collaborated with automakers to build lightweight, high-strength solutions. As a result, we have produced collars that are less expensive and provide a reliable substitute for heavier, more expensive steel. Additionally, we have collaborated with customers to create unique extrusion dies for heat sinks required for large holding tanks’ liquid nitrogen to gas conversion. Commercial buildings, neighborhood municipal buildings, hospital parking lots, and other industrial settings are places where you may witness them in action.

Additionally, we have been asked to use our one-stop shop fabrication facilities to build original designs. We are able to create extremely effective custom snowmaking gun designs for our clients because of this knowledge. These devices are incredibly robust yet being lightweight, portable, and simple to use because to their unique aluminum extrusion. Even in the most extreme outside temperatures and situations, they have the strength to endure the high pressure needed to make them function. Because of this, our solution has a distinct edge over comparable applications made by other contractors using different techniques. Silver City Aluminum offers a variety of specialized services, including helicoiling, product assembly, and telescoping profiles with incredibly tight tolerances.

Painting and Anodizing Aluminum Goods

We take great satisfaction in going above and above to offer our clients the best services imaginable. Depending on your demands, we may powder coat, anodize, or paint aluminum items as part of our custom finishing services. We apply the paint at around 2 milliliters wet in thickness using a four-stage pre-wash method to ensure a consistent color application and excellent adherence. To guarantee quality control, we continuously watch the components that are moving through our line and have staff members inspect them often.

After the paint is put to our aluminum extrusion design, the materials are baked in one of our specially made ovens to cure the paint. Once they have cured, we manually remove each one from the line one at a time so that our staff of expert technicians may examine them before sending them to the shipping department. Before being packaged for distribution, they undergo further inspection upon arrival at the shipping location to guarantee high-quality outcomes.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Design

At Silver City Aluminum, we place a high value on quality control and consistency in every product we manufacture. This is one of the main reasons we have such a strong reputation for producing excellent outcomes in the industry. Would you want to collaborate with our team? Please contact us at 508-824-8631. We can respond to any inquiries you may have regarding creating unique extrusion dies, coating aluminum goods, or any of the other high-quality services we provide at our one-stop fabrication business.