Aluminum Fabrication Services for Custom Extrusion Design

aluminum fabrication servicesThe advantages of custom extrusion design are relied upon by a wide range of industries to simplify manufacturing and lower the quantity of secondary procedures required. The return on your investment may be further increased by taking the time to build a custom profile with the assistance of knowledgeable aluminum fabrication firms like Silver City Aluminum. Together with each customer, our team of engineers and technicians makes sure that the standard and custom aluminum extrusion designs produce the intended outcomes. By slightly altering the profile prior to extrusion, it is possible to raise the value of each part, product, and component.

Examining the design’s tolerance requirements is one method that businesses may lower the cost of unique shapes and even simple profiles, such angles or rod and bar aluminum. Excessively tight tolerances might raise the cost of your order since they need more time and money to create successfully. Sometimes the cost can be greatly reduced by just lowering the tight tolerance by a few points. Because of the tighter tolerances, our specialists must take extra care throughout the fabrication and inspection processes to ensure precision and consistency throughout the manufacturing process. Working with one of our experts from the start will enable us to make recommendations that will save costs and expedite the manufacturing of your unique extrusion design.

Refine Your Custom Extrusion Design

Talk with one of our engineers about your demands if you already have a design in mind for your unique profile. Our experience has shown that our clients are more satisfied with the end product the earlier we can become engaged in the idea stage of the design process. Any discrepancies or worries our team may have with the design you have submitted should be addressed in a thorough tolerance review. In addition to working with you to identify practical ways to reduce the cost of your part, product, or component, we can also make sure that it meets the standards you have set for strength, durability, and quality in the given application.

Your design can reach new heights with the guidance of an engineer or designer with years of expertise working at aluminum fabrication facility. Make sure that every advantage that aluminum extrusion provides is fully utilized in the design of your new product. This is valid whether you are designing something entirely new or just changing the profile of an aluminum extrusion that is conventional. To get the greatest results, even rod and bar aluminum should be made in accordance with client specifications. Our staff takes great satisfaction in working together with our clients to guarantee quality control at every turn. We can also provide guidance on extra machining, fabrication, or finishing that may be needed.

Quality Aluminum Fabrication

In the industry, Silver City Aluminum is referred to as a “one stop shop” since it offers everything under one roof, including extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations, finishing, and excellent shipping, in addition to original design and engineering services. We are committed to giving our customers the highest caliber of quality control, delivering a superb custom aluminum product that will surpass all of their expectations. While designing custom extrusions is our area of expertise, we also take great pride in producing high-quality conventional aluminum extrusions. We maintain our attention on the product’s application, collaborating closely with the customer to take into account every detail of the intended end use in order to provide an improved outcome. At our aluminum fabrication facility, we take great satisfaction in actively participating in each project’s design phase for our clients.

Lead times are another area of Silver City Aluminum that we take great pride in. They are exceptional and much better than anything else available in the field. For custom extrusion designs, the industry guideline is to allow between 30 and 45 days from the time the order is made to the day it is delivered to the customer. At our “one stop shop,” we have the special capacity to deliver completed custom extrusions to our clients via our fleet of trucks in a maximum of three to four weeks. Our STANDARD lead time is this. If required, we may expedite special emergency orders for important clients that require even shorter lead times, with delivery dates of three to seven days. This is a unique favor for our clients and should only be used in an emergency.

Contact Our Engineers and Technicians

Call 508-824-8631 to speak with Silver City Aluminum about our custom extrusion design services or to find out more about our standard aluminum extrusions. For different angles or aluminum rod and bar, we provide a large selection of standard profiles. Speak with our staff about your requirements, or submit your design concepts to our aluminum production facilities located in Southeastern Massachusetts.