Extrude Aluminum Alloys: Reap the Benefits of Custom Aluminum Extrusions

benefits of custom aluminumA wide range of businesses opt to extrude aluminum alloys into intricate patterns and forms that better meet their unique requirements. To cut costs, boost efficiency, and cut lead times, businesses are experimenting with custom aluminum products rather than conventional extrusions. It is simple to understand why so many companies now choose to work with Silver City Aluminum for all of their custom aluminum extrusions needs, since there are several benefits to employing custom profiles.

Great Strength, Light Weight

Because it has a far higher strength than most people previously believed, aluminum has established a “solid” image. The strength, thickness, alloy, and manufacturing method of the aluminum used to make beverage cans are different from those of aluminum parts used in industry. The strength of aluminum is essential to a wide range of industries, including construction, aerospace, military and defense, transportation, and maritime. To better suit the client’s demands, the aluminum alloy can be strengthened by adding copper, magnesium, silicon, manganese, or zinc.

Aluminum’s excellent strength to weight ratio is one of the main reasons it’s so popular in the manufacturing sector right now. Because aluminum alloys are around one-third the weight of other metals that were once used in the same way, they are ideal for mass transit and consumer cars because they require less fuel and can be utilized to build lighter aircraft and speedboats.

Natural Resistance and Excellent Conduction

Custom aluminum goods are a great heat and cold conductor, which is valued by many industries. This is the main justification for the usage of custom aluminum extrusions in the production of cookware, HVAC systems, heat sinks, and engine parts. Custom-shaped choices minimize post-extrusion processes and maximize the metal’s inherent thermal conduction qualities.

An oxide coating that is transparent and occurs spontaneously covers aluminum, providing a natural resistance to rust and other corrosives. Your custom aluminum extrusions won’t even require extra protection for a lot of situations. But, you may apply a broad range of coating treatments, including paint, powder coating, and anodizing, to your custom aluminum items if you wish to strengthen this inherent protection even further.

Strong, Durable, and Easy to Work With

Extruded aluminum alloys are really rather temperate, but certain materials will become brittle at very low temperatures or incredibly soft at very high ones. Above 400 degrees, aluminum will start to weaken a little bit, but the metals that are added to the alloy can aid to improve its resistance to intense heat. Unlike many other metals, the aluminum utilized in our unique aluminum items will not break easily in cold weather; rather, it will become stronger. It is therefore perfect for harsh environments.

Aluminum can transmit more than twice as much electrical current per unit weight as copper, in addition to being a remarkable conductor of heat and cold. Aluminum is the best material for high-voltage power lines and other industrial uses because of its exceptional conductivity, low weight, and inherent resistance to corrosion.

Aluminum is a very simple material to work with in manufacturing and production. Compared to other metals like steel and stainless steel, aluminum is more easier to cut, saw, carve, drill, and machine. This lowers the cost of working with aluminum yet more, offering an affordable option for a wide range of industrial uses. Aluminum is a material that is often discussed, particularly in relation to custom aluminum extrusions. This explains why extruding aluminum alloys and making customized aluminum items is so simple. Aluminum has a wide range of uses in almost every industry and is perfect for use in the fabrication of several parts.

Affordable and Sustainable Aluminum

This is something we have been repeating at almost every turn. Because of all of its advantages, aluminum is very economical for firms to utilize. For industry, aluminum is the material of choice for a multitude of reasons, including its malleability, machinability, recyclable nature, abundance, sustainability, temperate climate, low weight, and exceptional strength and durability. Aluminum is surprisingly less expensive than most other metals, and shipping costs are reduced since it weighs less than steel or stainless steel.

Most people have a keen knowledge of recycling aluminum, especially aluminum cans and other household objects, mostly due to consumer awareness and public service announcement advertisements. Aluminum is now the most recycled metal in all of America as a result. It retains all of its original properties even after repeated recycling, unlike other metals. This indicates that aluminum is not only environmentally beneficial and sustainable, but it is also widely available and cost-effective for use in industry.

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