Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions: Custom Engineering & Secondary Operations

sustainable aluminum productsBecause so many businesses want to get their supplies in the US, more businesses are looking for US-based businesses that can give them sustainable aluminum extrusions. Studies have shown that the US brings in a lot of aluminum goods from other countries. These include aluminum plates, sheets, and metal that hasn’t been finished. But when it comes to the aluminum extrusion business, most companies would rather stay close to home and hire aluminum industry options from people who are closer to them. It is important to find shops that work with aluminum that can give you all the unique services and choices you need in the aluminum extrusion business. Silver City Aluminum can plan, extrude, fabricate, and finish your projects all in one place.

Aluminum Extrusion Business

Custom engineering and design of profiles can help companies save time and money, which are two of the most valuable things in any business. This is in contrast to standard profile shapes, which may be restricted in how they can be used and what options they offer. Fabrication shops that work with aluminum, like Silver City Aluminum, work with each customer to make a custom die or shape that meets their needs. This cuts down on extra work, costs, and delays, and makes the final product better all around.

The aluminum extrusion business can make forms that can’t be done with any other metal. A certain temperature is used to soften the metal block and make it easier to shape. Ten million pounds of pressure are then used to push the metal through the profile form, making the final piece. The client’s instructions are used to stretch and cut the metal to make the parts, components, or goods that are needed. In today’s fast-paced businesses, this helps cut down on waste, shorten wait times, and get better results.

Custom Engineering and Design

Did you know that every year more aluminum is made than all the other metals that aren’t iron? Aluminum is very cheap, can be recycled in any way, has many useful properties, and is easy to find. Metal shops that work with aluminum use metals that don’t rust or collect dust easily. The environmentally friendly aluminum extrusions can be shaped, welded, and worked with. They also have an unbeatable low weight to high strength ratio that makes them very appealing to the transportation, aircraft, and car industries.

Some of the benefits of using products for the aluminum business are very diverse and helpful to many industries. Customers can quickly change the aluminum formula and profiles to get a wide range of custom options that will cut down on the need for secondary operations and speed up production. Our lead times are some of the best in the business, beating even other aluminum fabrication shops by a large margin. This is because the custom parts don’t have to be sent to a third-party vendor for drilling, polishing, painting, machining, or welding.

Customers save a lot of money when they buy from us instead of sellers who have to send work to other companies to meet their quality control standards because we do everything in-house at our metal fabrication shops. We keep an eye on the whole process of making all of our sustainable aluminum extrusions, checking everything from the recipe to the speed of the machinery to make sure the highest level of quality. Inspections are done at the end of each step to make sure our clients always get the best results. When the design of an aluminum profile is made to fit the needs of the client, there are no limits on the size, strength, form, metal, tolerance, extrusion ratio, or other details that can be used to meet the needs of your business.

Extrusion, Fabrication & Secondary Operations

Our Massachusetts metal manufacturing shops can meet all of our clients’ needs, no matter how hard they are. Our team of highly trained engineers and workers can help you reach your goals. They can make anything from simple standard shapes to complex custom aluminum extrusions. We promise that for every order we fill, we will meet the highest standards of quality control and customer service in the business. Call us at 508-824-8631 to talk to a member of our team about your needs for long-lasting aluminum extrusions and find out more about the solutions we offer for the aluminum extrusion business.