Extruded Aluminum: Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions for Industry

custom aluminum extrusionsThe aluminum extrusion market has expanded rapidly in recent years for a variety of reasons. Extruded aluminum has shown to be a huge advantage in a variety of sectors, surpassing expectations in every way. These days, aluminum extrusion solutions are applied in a wide variety of inventive methods, even contributing to lower fuel consumption in both personal and business cars. Gaining a basic grasp of the characteristics of this versatile metal is vital to maximizing the benefits of aluminum goods. It will be simpler to employ aluminum in a way that best meets your goals and the requirements of your industry the more you understand about it and its many applications.

Benefits of Aluminum Goods

The abundance of aluminum is one of the most common arguments in favor of this material. After silicon and oxygen, aluminum is thought to be the third most plentiful element on Earth. Because it couldn’t be adequately produced in its metallic state, aluminum was once the most costly metal in the world when it was first extracted in 1825. When it was found that bauxite could be used to make aluminum at a low cost, aluminum became more accessible and widely utilized. Since aluminum is non-toxic, it was first utilized to create fine dining cutlery since it was thought to be more precious than gold. Because aluminum is completely recyclable and retains all of its original qualities after the recycling process, metal is quite inexpensive these days.

The energy required to recycle aluminum for use in the aluminum extrusion industry is just 5% of the energy required to create primary or raw aluminum. Studies show that almost 75% of all aluminum manufactured is still in use, and most consumer goods made of aluminum, including cans for food and drink, can be recycled and turned into new products in a matter of weeks. This makes aluminum more resilient in a world where demand for sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly products is increasing. Numerous sectors, including consumer products, construction, transportation, aerospace, marine, and military/defense, employ aluminum extrusion solutions.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion

The inherent qualities of this extraordinary metal, such as its non-toxicity, non-magnetic nature, and resistance to rust and corrosion, might be advantageous for items made from extruded aluminum. The process of oxidation leaves a thin, protective coating on the aluminum’s surface that keeps rust and other forms of corrosion from harming the metal. Because of its many advantages, aluminum is the ideal material for electronics and scanning equipment since it minimizes interference from magnetic fields. Because of its low density, aluminum is also incredibly light, but it can be made extremely robust and durable by using certain alloys and the extrusion process. Because of this, aluminum is a great option for the transportation and maritime sectors, which need to save fuel costs without sacrificing strength, durability, or safety. In many applications, weight reductions of thirty to forty percent can be obtained in comparison to steel.

Aluminum consistently performs better than other common metals like steel or copper. Aluminum is the ideal material for safety items such as blast-proof equipment, fire resistance, burglar-resistant systems, and bulletproofing since it can absorb energy much more substantially than steel. Aluminum may be utilized in electric cars to reduce weight, save costs, and increase efficiency in contrast to copper, which is significantly more expensive and has a greater density. Extruded aluminum is now widely used in car design by numerous automakers, including Ford, to help them satisfy new efficiency regulations. One example of this is the Ford F-150. Engineers are becoming more adept at utilizing aluminum goods’ advantages to improve performance and produce higher-quality work.

Aluminum Goods for Industry

Custom extruded aluminum design and engineering are our areas of expertise at Silver City Aluminum. During the initial design process, our team of highly skilled designers and engineers can assist you in creating a profile that will enable you to fully benefit from aluminum goods. We collaborate with a wide range of sectors to create consumer, industrial, maritime, commercial, and construction grade solutions that may be utilized to improve performance and add value for all parties.

To view more engineering details or to find out about all the value-added services we offer to our clients, visit our website. Discover the mechanical characteristics of our 6000-series aluminum alloys and get advice on how to use aluminum extrusion solutions to design screw holes, prevent surface flaws, and produce snap-fit connections.

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