American-Made Aluminum Solutions for Custom Aluminum Extrusion

american aluminum solutionsThe term “sustainability” refers to more than simply greenwashing or climate-based goals. Utilizing sustainable materials, decreasing energy usage, and cutting carbon emissions is something that everyone from customers to architects, product makers, and marketing organizations is aware of. There has been a worldwide push to build a more efficient future for our planet, and practically every business has felt its consequences. This includes commercial construction, residential renovations, product creation, and transportation. Aluminium industry solutions are important to this effort. Now that the benefits of aluminum in a wide variety of products – from cars to home appliances—are obvious, research shows that American-made aluminum is more environmentally friendly than it was even a few years ago.

American-Made Aluminum Advantages

Using aluminum to make the goods, components, and parts you need in manufacturing has so many advantages. Despite its light weight and strength, aluminum is completely recyclable and abundant on Earth. What’s more, technical advancements have made it such that producing even raw aluminum now requires much less energy than in the past. In addition to its many other benefits, aluminum’s limitless extrudability makes it a top choice above steel and other popular materials. By doing away with extra fabrication procedures, custom aluminum extrusion may save manufacturing costs, which in turn increases profitability and improves quality everywhere.

Aluminum may be extruded into typical forms like rods and bars, or into unique shapes, sizes, and lengths; has outstanding corrosion resistance, which can be further enhanced by painting, coating, or anodizing. The use in electrical transmission lines is perfect for aluminum, since it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Sustainable aluminum is cheaper to manufacture than copper, and it conducts nearly twice as well. It is perfect for the aerospace and automotive sectors because to its low weight and great strength. Its exceptional heat conductivity makes it a great choice for use in consumer products and electronics. Aluminum is not only non-toxic, non-sparking, and non-magnetic, but it is also exceedingly malleable and sometimes alloyed with other metals to enhance its strength and other crucial extrusion features.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion

Even while aluminum is already utilized in many consumer items, such as foil and beverage cans, manufacturers get even more benefits when they employ extrusion to create solutions for the aluminum sector. Secondary processes and finishing, including painting or anodizing, can be applied to aluminum after extrusion to make it even stronger or more attractive. Commercial and residential construction, industrial equipment, consumer items, and infrastructure are just a few of the many uses for basic rod and bar aluminum.

You can make almost anything out of aluminum extrusion profiles or dies made to order, which are more complicated designs. Doors and windows with energy-efficient frames, components for the automobile sector, heat sinks for converting liquids to gas in large storage tanks—the list goes on and on. Engineers and technicians on staff at Silver City Aluminum will be there for you every step of the way to explain the benefits of aluminum and how to use it to your project’s fullest potential. Our expertise in aluminum extrusion can help you succeed whether you need telescoping profiles made to fit snugly into an existing product or are in the process of creating something totally original.

Sustainable Materials for Industry

Think about the benefits of choosing aluminum while thinking about the ideal material for your product’s development in terms of durability. Aside from being naturally resistant to corrosion, aluminum also has the remarkable property of maintaining structure, which means your completed product will last longer. Although it is incredibly strong, it is just one-third the weight of steel. Due to the utilization of different alloys and strengthening procedures during extrusion, it may be made into lightweight components that are perfect for use in automobile manufacture, allowing for improved fuel economy.

Military vehicles and commercial building materials are two examples of applications where the usage of aluminum industry solutions is highly recommended due to their high strength and durability requirements. Public transportation, the construction of the world’s tallest structures, and even shark cages to protect divers are all examples of where aluminum extrusion has been utilized. Consumer automobiles made of aluminum have achieved five-star safety certifications because to their increased fuel efficiency and strong robustness. It is possible to engineer aluminum to have strength comparable to, or even greater than, steel by changing the alloy and the method.

Sustainable Materials for Our Future

Get in touch with our staff to go over your alternatives if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of aluminum extrusion in your field. Due to the benefits of aluminum extrusion, parts that were previously made using other methods and metals may often be enhanced. Our staff is here to assist you with all of your aluminum needs, from simple rod and bar fabrication to complex, custom-designed products. Get in touch with Silver City Aluminum at 508-824-8631 or via our website’s contact form.