Post-Extrusion Manufacturing: Extruding and Fabricating Aluminum

post extrusion manufacturing aluminum extrusionAluminum extrusion, both standard and custom, involves forcing molten metal through a steel die under high pressure to generate a desired shape or profile. Post-extrusion manufacturing include everything done after the extrusion process is finished. Sawing, deburring, punching, mitering, heli-coiling, and assembling are all examples of fabrication processes. Aluminum goods can be finished in a variety of ways, including with anodizing, powder coating, or paint, after they have been extruded and fabricated.

When you choose us, our highly educated technicians and experienced engineers will handle the whole process of fabricating your standard and custom aluminum extrusion parts, components, and products. We handle all extrusion and post-extrusion activities in-house at our Taunton, MA plant. If a client needs a special item or design, we have a fabrication section that can make it. We insist on perfection and always aim to go above and above for our clients.

Advanced CNC Machining Shop

Parts as long as 30 feet in length and as short as a quarter of an inch may both be fabricated by our CNC machining shop. Our high-speed Emmegi CNC machines include 4+1 controllable axes, allowing for continuous control over a range of 0–180 degrees, and are used to process very large parts. To ensure consistency, we employ angle machining heads to mill all five sides of a product during processing. High-speed Fanuc Robo Drill machines, running on a 3-axis system that not only delivers incredibly tight tolerances for quality and consistency but also allows us to produce pieces as small as a quarter of an inch long.

We offer CNC fabrication services like as punching, sawing, and mitering, with the ability to create specialized pneumatic and hydraulic punches for low- or high-volume production runs, respectively. We also provide precision sawing with our two B&O high-tech precision saws, which can maintain accurate tolerances on cuts from a quarter of an inch to a full 240 inches in length. Mitering fabrication services may be supplied in a capacity that runs between 22.5 to 135 degrees and at lengths that range from 13.75-inches to 19-feet, 8-inches.

Post-Extrusion Manufacturing

At Silver City Aluminum, we offer de-burring services as a supplementary operation for every extrusion and fabrication, particularly following punching, sawing, and other forms of fabrication. Tumble de-burring and vibratory de-burring are used to remove burrs off components without harming or scratching the metal materials, respectively. Helicopter Coiling and Other Customized Services Heli-coil inserts, which are precision manufactured and then fitted into a heli-coil tapped hole for a strong and dependable fit to avoid rusting, corrosion, and wearing out over time, are another method we offer to our clients. In addition to standard post-extrusion processes like sawing and deburring, we also provide specialized services like product assembly, telescoping profiles, and industry-specific post-extrusion processes.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive services to our customers right here in Massachusetts. Whether you want basic extrusion and fabrication or need specialized services that include powder-coating or painting aluminum items before shipment, our staff can enable you to reach your goals. Silver City Aluminum offers several different types of coating and anodizing in addition to painting. To achieve long-lasting, high-quality results, even our paint department goes above and above with finishing materials.

Painting and Anodizing Aluminum

Parts up to 20 feet in length can be painted on our Polycron paint line. Every one of our painting jobs is completed to the highest standards of quality and accuracy to ensure uniform color and exceptional adherence. This allows us to fulfill the stringent criteria of the industry and our clients. To ensure superior adhesion, we provide a four-step pre-treat procedure, during which each component is etched, clean washed, neutralized, and standard washed. We apply the paint at a wet thickness of 2ml using a vertical electrostatic Polycron line. Our staff monitors and examines the passing parts to assure quality and consistent outcomes. We use specialized ovens to cure the components, and then our personnel verify each one by hand before they are shipped.

We work with a wide variety of powder coaters and anodizers to provide our customers the variety of finishes they require. You may give the final product whatever look and feel you like by selecting from an almost infinite palette of colors. Get in touch with a member of our staff to talk about the powder-coating, colors, and other specifications you need for your completed products. Small or large batches of both short and long items can be anodized to the specifications of the client. Clear anodizing, black anodizing, multi-color anodizing, and any number of custom finishes are all available to customers. During this stage, textures can be applied to the part or component to strengthen its functionality and protect it from harsh conditions.

Extruding and Fabricating Aluminum

If you are interested in knowing more about our post-extrusion procedures for both conventional and custom aluminum extrusion, contact our team. You may ask us anything regarding extruding and fabricating aluminum, cutting and deburring it, or even painting it. Get in touch with us at 508-824-8631 right now to discuss your unique aluminum extrusion requirements with a member of our staff.