Design and Build a Custom Profile: Quality Aluminum Extrusions

build a custom aluminum profileCustom extrusion design is used by a wide range of businesses since it improves production efficiency and cuts down on the requirement for auxiliary tasks. Making the most of your investment is attainable when you take the time to build a custom profile with the help of seasoned aluminum fabrication firms like Silver City Aluminum. Engineers and technicians on our staff collaborate with each customer to develop both custom and conventional aluminum extrusions that will meet or exceed their expectations. By making minor modifications to the profile before extrusion, the value of each part, product, and component may be increased.

Examining the tolerance requirements of the design is one technique for businesses to minimize the price of custom shapes and even basic profiles like angles or rod and bar aluminum. Tight tolerances are more difficult and expensive to manufacture, which might drive up the price of your order. To save money, it may be possible to loosen the tolerance requirements slightly. Our professionals must take extra precaution during fabrication and inspection to ensure accuracy and consistency due to tighter tolerances. You may save money and time on manufacturing your custom extrusion design by consulting with one of our experts from the very beginning of the process.

Custom Extrusion Design

Make sure to consult with one of our engineers if you already have a sketch of the unique profile you want made. The earlier we can become engaged in the design process, particularly during the brainstorming phase, the more satisfied our clients are with the final product. Tolerances should be reviewed thoroughly to resolve any questions or doubts our team has about the proposed design. We’ll work with you to identify the simplest of ways to reduce the price of your part, product, or component without sacrificing the quality, strength, or durability you need for your specific use case.

Your concept may be taken to the next level with the help of an engineer or designer who has extensive expertise dealing with aluminum fabrication businesses. When developing a new product, it’s important to make sure it makes full use of aluminum extrusion’s many advantages. This is true whether you are making something completely new or just tweaking the profile of some off-the-shelf aluminum tubing. Aluminum rods and bars, just like everything else, should be made to order in order to meet the needs of each individual client. Quality assurance at every level of the process is a shared responsibility between our team and our clients, and we take this seriously. We can also give recommendations if extra machining, fabrication, or finishing is needed.

Aluminum Extrusions at Our One Stop Shop

Silver City Aluminum is a “one stop shop” since it offers design and engineering services up front, as well as extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations, finishing, and excellent shipping. We are committed to meeting or exceeding all of our customers’ expectations by maintaining stringent quality controls throughout the manufacturing process of their custom aluminum product. While we do focus on custom extrusion design, the quality of our conventional aluminum extrusions is also quite high. We never lose sight of how the product will be used and instead consult closely with the customer to make sure we’ve thought of everything. In our aluminum fabrication facilities, we take great delight in collaborating closely with each and every one of our clients throughout the whole design process.

Silver City Aluminum also takes great pride in its turnaround times. They are exceptional and unparalleled by anything else available. From the time an order is made until it is delivered to the customer, 30-45 days is the norm in the custom extrusion design sector. Our “one-stop shop” is able to deliver finished custom extrusions to customers using our fleet of trucks in as little as three to four weeks. This is the NORMAL processing time. We can accommodate exceptional emergency orders with lead times of 3-7 days for our most loyal clients if they require it. This is a rare courtesy we extend to our customers in the event of an unexpected crisis.

Build a Custom Profile at Silver City Aluminum

Silver City Aluminum may be reached at 508-824-8631 for more information about our regular aluminum extrusions and our custom extrusion design services. For aluminum angles, rods, and bars, we have a broad variety of standard profiles. Send your designs or specifications to our aluminum fabrication facilities in Southeastern Massachusetts and we’ll go to work on them.