Custom Extrusion Profiles: Decorative and Structural Aluminum

custom extrusion profilesAluminum building trim is both structural and artistic. It serves a practical purpose and adds a stylish touch to any project. There are a lot of different ways to use home trim accents inside and outside, but the most common way is as an outside accent for both single-family and multi-family buildings. Some of the places where metal trim is used in home building are door and window frames, porches, and roofs. Painting, powder coating, and anodizing aluminum are some of the most common ways to protect the metal’s surface from the weather and normal wear and tear.

Beneficial Metal Surface Treatments

In Southeast Massachusetts, Silver City Aluminum is a one-stop shop. People in New England and all over the country can come to us for a wide range of skilled standard and custom metal extrusion services. We do everything in-house, from working with customers to come up with good designs for custom extrusion profiles to adding secondary coatings and metal surface treatments and even sending the finished goods with our own trucks. Doing everything in one place not only helps us make sure that the quality of every order is at its best, but it also cuts down on wait times by a large amount compared to what the industry norm is.

Our paint line works almost all the time, so our customers can pick any color they want for their order. We work hard to make sure that all of our painting services are perfect so that we can apply colors consistently and get the best bonding possible to meet the needs of every industry we work with. For the best results, our pre-treat process goes above and beyond what is expected in the business. If you want to powder coat or anodize metal, we can help you choose the colors, textures, and other unique finishing choices that will work best for your product. We also do all of this work in-house, which means we can offer the fastest wait times and the strictest quality control for home trim details and other custom aluminum extrusion needs.

Aluminum Building Trim

While there are many products made with extrusion, sometimes it is used to make aluminum trim for buildings. This process includes pressing hot aluminum alloy through a standard or custom profile at high pressure to create a particular shape. Our team heats the billets, which are raw pieces of metal, to a certain temperature to get the best results. The metal is then pushed through the shape, which is also known as a die, under pressure of about 10 million pounds. The metal comes out in the exact shape that our client wanted to make the parts, pieces, or goods that they wanted. While the metal is still warm, it is stretched to the right size and then cut to the length the customer wants. The metal is then heated to make it as strong as it can be.

Secondary activities can be used after the extrusion process is done. This could mean CNC manufacturing for long or short parts, cutting, precision sawing, mitering, deburring, heli-coiling, or putting the parts together for some clients. We have a lot of different secondary processes that we can do to best meet the needs of our clients and the needs of the business they work in. The parts are moved to our painting department once they are finished and ready for metal surface treatments like painting, powder coating, or anodizing to make home trim pieces that look good. The experts on our team put each piece on the paint line by hand and take them off one by one, inspecting each step of the way.

Custom Extrusion Profiles

When it comes to making aluminum trim for buildings, extrusion is by far the most popular way among makers. The reason is easy to understand: extruded aluminum can be made faster and cheaper than other ways, even ones that also use aluminum materials. With the help of aluminum extrusion, it’s quick and easy to make standard or unique trim details for homes. Our team at Silver City Aluminum will always do their best to give you results that are high quality, last a long time, and look great. To make sure that we meet or go beyond what every customer wants, our designers, engineers, and techs are highly skilled and have a lot of experience.

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