Aluminum Fabrication and Extrusion: Custom Aluminum Profiles

aluminum fabrication and extrusionOutsourcing specialized work to reliable suppliers is one of the finest methods to improve your company’s production capabilities without having to spend thousands of dollars on new equipment and educate people to operate it. Whether you are sourcing materials or engaging a team to make highly customized aluminum extrusion, it is crucial to work with a vendor who has a strong reputation for delivering top-quality outcomes. Silver City Aluminum performs all of our design, fabrication, finishing, and extrusion manufacturing services in-house at our location in Southeast Massachusetts, unlike other aluminum fabrication businesses. This method of producing customized aluminum products has several advantages, including shorter lead times, higher quality, and reduced prices for our customers.

Custom Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum extrusion is one of the production processes that is regarded as being very specialized. We provide fabrication options in addition to designing custom aluminum products and extruding premium aluminum alloys to create industrial solutions. Our staff of highly qualified experts can provide our customers services including CNC machining, extrusion finishing, and even assembly. You may speed up the process and save a lot of money by outsourcing this element of your product’s manufacture to Silver City Aluminum, whether you require straightforward extruded parts or intricate ones.

There would be a hefty price tag if you were to invest in recruiting a staff that is skilled and prepared to manufacture professional-quality extrusions and buying all of the equipment required to produce custom aluminum goods in-house. It would be challenging for new businesses and even established firms to build aluminum manufacturing facilities from the ground up. Our extrusion system uses only the best parts throughout. Through the development of PLC control technology, they are fully automated and integrated, enabling us to connect with our equipment from any location in the globe. We are able to offer completed goods that meet or exceed industry requirements while maintaining a high degree of quality control. When you outsource aluminum extrusion to Silver City Aluminum, a lot of technology, education, and expertise go into every job that we finish.

Extrusion Production Services

Working with our team also gives you access to the knowledge and expertise of our engineers and designers, who have spent a lot of time developing custom aluminum products. From selecting the ideal aluminum alloy to offering top-notch extrusion production services, we can offer guidance, support, and services. To guarantee that each customer can benefit from all that our aluminum fabrication facilities have to offer, our staff engages with them early in the development process. Early planning not only helps to shorten the process but also to improve quality, assure the best pricing, and secure the highest level of quality outcomes. Modern custom aluminum goods can only be created by utilizing the greatest tools, machines, materials, and processes. When you deal with Silver City Aluminum, you can receive all of that and more.

We may perform extra work at our plant in Southeast Massachusetts in addition to profile design and extrusion manufacture. For all of the aluminum profiles and components that we produce, fabrication companies that specialize in aluminum also have a fully staffed CNC machining team and shop. You may benefit from our extensive expertise dealing with a range of aluminum alloys for a number of sectors. We can assist you in overcoming all of your manufacturing difficulties and maximizing the return on investment for the production of aluminum products, parts, and components. Our staff can handle short and long component machining, mitering, sawing, punching, along with other sorts of fabrication, at our facility. Due to the fact that we handle everything internally and never pass your order along to a third party for processing, this helps to drastically shorten lead times and boost quality control measures.

Customized Aluminum Extrusion

Call our staff at 508-824-8631 if you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of choosing to outsource aluminum extrusion. If you have any inquiries regarding our aluminum fabrication facilities, would like a FREE estimate for a future project, or would want assistance placing your first order with Silver City Aluminum, please contact us. You can rely on the extrusion manufacturing services we offer to deliver outcomes that are on par with or better than your expectations.