Aluminum Extrusion Solutions: Custom Aluminum Profiles in MA

aluminum extrusion solutionsThe production of unique extrusion profiles requires a number of processes. First, we get high-quality aluminum alloy in billet form from many vendors to guarantee we always have enough of the proper stuff for our clients. Our aluminum products include no less than 99.9 percent aluminum that can be recycled. In order to generate the specific form that our clients need, we first pre-cut the billets and pre-heat the materials at our one-stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing facility. Our extrusion and fabrication services are available to clients across North America and the rest of the world from our base in Southeastern Massachusetts. Depending on the need, we can produce either basic hollow aluminum tubes or multi-shape custom profiles.

Quality Aluminum Fabrication Services

The billets are preheated in one of our long ovens after being chopped to the appropriate size based on the length and weight of the desired profile. Preheating the aluminum to the correct temperature ensures better outcomes during the extrusion process. Although aluminum is already extremely flexible, it may be shaped with considerably greater ease by applying heat. Once the materials have been preheated, they may be transferred to the section where they will be formed into the profile shape requested by the customer.

The hot metal is forced at a pressure of around 10 MPa through the steel profile or die provided by the client. Standard shapes like angles, bars, and hollow aluminum tubes are all examples of extrusion profiles that fall into this category. The customer’s desired form emerges when the hot metal is forced through the steel die. While in transit to our 160-foot table, the metal gets chilled somewhat. Using a pair of opposing stretchers, the metal can be stretched to the ideal size while it is still hot. We then cut the metal to the exact length, diameter, and dimension the customer requested.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions for Industry

The aluminum is then hardened to its full capacity by heat treatment after being cut. The ultimate hardness and properties of the part, product, or component will depend on the aluminum alloy used to make it. We conduct everything from the customer’s original design work through extrusion, fabrication, finishing, inspections, and shipment in-house since quality control is such an integral aspect of our one-stop shop fabrication and extrusion operation. Our industry-leading turnaround times may be attributed in large part to our dedication to precision and in-house processing capabilities. Our typical production time is about three to four weeks, although the industry standard is thirty to forty-five days. As an added courtesy to our valued clients, we are able to fulfill urgent order requirements.

Additional fabrication may be necessary in some circumstances. Our in-house machine shop and CNC machines can fabricate both long and short parts, and we also have pneumatic and hydraulic punches, precision saws, and machining, mitering, and a wide variety of other cutting-edge technology. On demand, we can also do secondary operations including deburring, heli-coiling, and assembly. To ensure our clients’ goods don’t languish in production limbo, we employ these methods to cut down on the time it takes to complete fabrication and secondary processes. As a regular procedure, we de-burr all machined components to remove any stray aluminum burrs. Another example of Silver City Aluminum’s rigorous quality assurance procedures.

Silver City Aluminum in Massachusetts

Please contact us at 508-824-8631 if you have any questions about our custom extrusion profile design services or would like more information about our full-service fabrication and extrusion facilities. We provide extrusion and fabrication services for both unique features and industry standards including hollow aluminum tubes and solid aluminum bars. Get a quote at no cost or place an order for custom aluminum extrusion immediately by giving us a call.