Aluminum Extrusion Products: Proven Quality Control Measures

quality control aluminum extrusionWe have found that the greatest approach to get repeat business is to pay attention to detail, be dedicated to quality, and establish quality control procedures. We have many years of experience offering clients custom aluminum extrusion solutions. Delivering extruded aluminum that meets or exceeds expectations with lead times that are much shorter than the industry norm has helped us establish our reputation. Our business partners have access to a one-stop shop for fabrication, extrusion, and finishing that enables them to produce goods that are tailored particularly for the application for which they are intended. The sooner we can participate in product development, the more we can assist our clients in achieving their objectives and offer solutions that are specific to their needs.

High Quality Aluminum Extrusion

We deliberately get our aluminum billet from a number of different vendors. Ninety-nine percent of the aluminum we use is recyclable. By pre-cutting the billets to the right size and basing our calculations on the length and weight of the profile, we do all in our power to assist our clients in minimizing costs and waste. Through the use of cutting-edge PLC technology, we are able to connect to and interact with any part of our extrusion system via the internet from any location in the globe. We can see how each machine is operating, the speed, the extrusion recipe, and all other crucial aspects to offer reliable and consistent quality control from beginning to end.

Our fabrication section employs our facility’s fully equipped machine shop to custom build just about any item or design that a client would need. Again, we hold ourselves to the greatest standards of quality, and our objective is to offer completed items that go above and above. For the production of lengthy parts, we have Emmengi CNC machines with a 4+1 controlled axis that enables continuous spindle control in the range of 0-180 degrees. Our Fanuc Robo Drill machines, which run on 3-axis high-speed systems and can process components to extremely tight tolerances, are used for short-part manufacturing. Other services we provide include punching, precision sawing, mitering, deburring, heli-coiling, and assembly.

Custom Extrusion Solutions

At Silver City Aluminum, we aim for excellence in all of our painting services, thus our paint line operates essentially nonstop. In order to satisfy our clients’ industry standards, it is our mission to offer a uniform color application and go above and beyond to assure top-notch adherence. We employ a pre-treat finish, a four-step procedure in and of itself. To provide great adherence to the aluminum extrusion solutions, the four processes are an etch, clean wash, neutralizing wash, and lastly an industry-standard pre-wash. We employ a vertical polycron line that can handle lengths of up to twenty-one feet. We apply the paint at a thickness of around 2 ml wet, which is more than the standard set by the industry. Our personnel inspects and keeps track of every passing component to assure superior outcomes. We cure them in our own custom ovens before manually pulling each one off the line for a last check.

Our own fleet of trucks will be used for shipping at the process’ final stage. We deliver anywhere in the nation, managing our own delivery routes and timetables to guarantee on-time delivery. We can get the best outcomes by controlling every stage of the one-stop shop fabrication, extrusion, and finishing processes by handling our own delivery services. In order to reduce any potential damage from being on someone else’s vehicle, we can provide custom crating services for LTL carrier shipments if the customer wishes to utilize their own personal trucks. To that end, depending on the extruded aluminum and the client’s requirements, our special packaging team may offer various services. Ask our staff about the cost-effective choices for using Paper Interleave on each item to shield aesthetic components from nicks and scratches. Additional services include bubble wrapping, specially built aluminum skids, and custom boxes.

Quality Control Measures: Best Practices

Make Silver City Aluminum your one-stop shop for custom aluminum extrusion by utilizing our 100% in-house services. To reach a specific department, call our staff at 508-824-8631 or use our online CONTACT form. If you have any inquiries regarding our aluminum extrusion solutions or would need more information on pricing, please contact us. Give us a call right away to discover why so many company owners rely on us for all of their extruded aluminum requirements.