Powder Coating Aluminum and Painting Aluminum for Extrusions

custom finishing solutionsAfter your custom aluminum extrusions have been created and manufactured, they may be finished with specialized coating options. At our location in Southeastern Massachusetts, we handle everything from start to finish. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals can handle it everything, from design and extrusion through secondary operations and fabrication, including painting aluminum extrusions and adding powder-coating and anodizing finishes. Our preferred method of doing business places a premium on rigorous quality control measures. When we finish an order, we want it to be perfect, or at least better than the buyer expected. Aluminum extrusions may be fished in a variety of unique ways.

Painting Aluminum Extrusions

Paint is a common method of finishing for aluminum extrusion. Our paint line operates at near-constant speed because we believe that only the most meticulous attention to detail can yield uniform color application. To ensure that we efficiently meet the needs of every sector we serve, we place a premium on achieving superior adhesion in all of our work. Using a vertical electrostatic polycron line, we can paint anything up to 20 feet in length. Our four-stage pre-wash ensures that the paint will properly adhere to the metal surfaces at every step of the painting process. Our four-step process includes an etch, a clean wash, a neturalizing wash, and then an industry standard pre-wash. All of this is done before any other part of the painting process begins.

Once the materials have been washed and chemically prepared using the pre-treat method, and after drying they are ready to be painted. Painting on a clean surface improves the quality of the finished product. When it comes to our painting techniques, we also spare no effort. We apply the paint at a thickness of around 2 ml’s wet, which is higher than typical. Our crew meticulously checks the passing components at regular intervals to guarantee uniform coloring. Our specialized ovens are then used to bake the aluminum components, curing them in the process. Each component is removed from the line by hand after curing and then examined by skilled experts before being sent on to the shipping department.

Custom Powder Coating for Aluminum

At Silver City Aluminum, we also provide powder coating and anodizing as finishing options. Aluminum extrusions may be finished in a wide variety of ways per your specifications. We collaborate with a network of powder coaters and anodizers to provide our customers specialized aluminum coating services that result in the desired aesthetic and performance improvements. The lead time, which might vary depending on the specifics of the component being completed and the powder-coating and anodizing choices used, is another area where this helps. Some coating options are solely cosmetic, while others have practical use as well. Some improve the aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, scratches, abrasions, and other forms of damage, while others provide practical benefits, such as enhanced grip and use.

Anodizing is a method of coloring aluminum extrusions of varying lengths. After the material has been extruded and fabricated, it may be used in either large or small quantities. We provide a wide variety of anodizing finishes, including custom colors, multicolor possibilities, and the standard clear and black. When you need a special anodizing finish, we have a variety of powder-coating options available. Talk to one of our representatives about the benefits of powder-coating and anodizing for your custom aluminum extrusion products, components, and parts. If you’re not sure which custom finishing option for aluminum extrusions is appropriate for your project, we’re here to help.

Custom Finishing Options

Get in touch with Silver City Aluminum if you’re interested in learning more about our custom aluminum coating solutions, or if you’d like a quote for our painting, powder-coating, and anodising services for aluminum extrusions. To get in touch with us, you can either give us a ring at 508-824-8631 or fill out the online form provided on our website. Our facilities technicians, engineers, and designers, and customer service representatives are all here to assist you make an educated choice.