Aluminum Extrusions for Industry: Custom Aluminum Products

custom aluminum productsOne of the obvious benefits of creating your own custom aluminum extrusions for production is that you may come up with time and money-saving solutions to typical design problems. Manufacturers may develop creative designs using aluminum extrusion technology, enabling them to produce robust, more lasting goods that require fewer auxiliary processes like welding and joining. This simplifies the production procedure, enabling businesses to cut lead times dramatically and produce superior final products. Designing aluminum extrusions for industry is Silver City Aluminum’s area of expertise. We collaborate with a wide range of sectors and have assisted in the engineering of designs that make use of specialized aluminum products to accomplish certain objectives.

Aluminum Extrusions for Industry

Making everything in-house is another method we reduce lead times to provide premium custom aluminum extrusions for our customers. In order to help each customer with the original design and engineering stage of their extrusion designs for industry, we are dedicated to working with them. We’ve discovered that the more we can participate in the design process, the more able we are to provide final goods that meet or surpass expectations. In addition to designing and engineering extrusion profiles, we also fabricate all of our aluminum extrusion in-house and provide secondary operations, finishing, quality assurance inspections, and shipment using our own fleet of trucks.

You can trust Silver City Aluminum to take care of everything for you along the road, from extrusion through fabrication and finishing. We take pleasure in providing each customer we work with with parts, goods, and components of the highest caliber that go above and above the industry norms for custom aluminum products. We have clients all across the country, including the local New England region, and we are based in Southeast Massachusetts. We use the best production and quality control practices available in the market because we are committed to offering exceptional custom aluminum products. We can supply goods with custom aluminum extrusion designs in little more than three to four weeks because to our excellent lead times. We are quite pleased of the services we are able to offer, and our clients really value it, especially when compared to the industry typical of 30-45 days for custom aluminum extrusion.

Fabrication and Finishing Services

The options and opportunities available with Silver City Aluminum has made to offer services, support, and high-quality manufacturing have aided us in building a strong name in the aluminum extrusion design sector. We are able to keep an eye on the design process, extrusion, manufacturing, finishing, and shipment since we handle everything in-house. Our extrusion system is state-of-the-art, completely automated, integrated, and controlled by PLC technology, allowing us to connect with our equipment from any location in the globe. By monitoring the machine’s operation, rate of speed, extrusion recipe, and all other variables, we can guarantee reliable and consistent quality control. We use 99.9% recyclable, high-quality aluminum billet, and we rely on several vendors to maintain a consistent supply of materials.

We are committed to provide the best custom aluminum products to meet our clients’ demands in every area of production. With our aluminum extrusion design, we have proudly served a variety of sectors, including those in the transportation, maritime, construction, and LED lighting. By helping you obtain the custom aluminum extrusions you want in a much faster and shorter lead time than you can find anywhere else, our services may provide you a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Custom Aluminum Products at Silver City Aluminum

Call us at 508-824-8631 to find out more about the high-quality services we offer or to hear about some instances of the work we have done with extrusion designs for industry. To meet all of your manufacturing needs, we can help you design and manufacture custom aluminum products, offer a free estimate for our services, and respond to any queries you might have regarding custom aluminum extrusions. Call one of our helpful customer service representatives now, or one of our knowledgeable engineers who are experts in the design of beneficial industrial solutions.