Aluminum Extrusion Profiles for Sustainable Manufacturing

sustainable manufacturingAluminum, which is used to manufacture a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods, is manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Products from custom aluminum extruders are used in practically every industry throughout the world. They are made from raw and recycled aluminum billet. Many people think that aluminum is the most eco-friendly metal available. Profiles for aluminum extrusions help businesses cut costs, increase output speed, and create sustainable, long-lasting products. They are employed in a wide variety of contexts, including green building practices and automotive designs that save gasoline.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusion

Over the years, aluminum’s image as an environmentally benign metal has increased. To be considered “green,” a substance must have just a negligible impact on the natural world. When it comes to maintaining the environment and our planet’s natural resources, aluminum is the best material available. Aluminum is not only biodegradable, but it can be recycled indefinitely without degrading. Aluminum has a wide variety of uses, including as a lightweight, non-magnetic, and light-reflecting material for consumer vehicles and as a housing for electrical components. Industry-wide awareness programs have resulted in aluminum becoming the most recycled metal on the planet.

Aluminum extrusion profiles are popular in manufacturing because they are affordable and easy to produce. Working with a seasoned team to create custom extrusion dies and high-quality extruded materials gives you a substantial advantage over competitors that use standard forms and must modify them to meet their needs. With the use of custom aluminum extrusion profiles, products may be made to order in less time and with fewer steps. The operation is simplified, production waste is reduced, lead times are shortened, and overall efficiency is increased. Extrusion, because to aluminum’s inherent malleability, may create innovative products for a wide range of sectors.

Aluminm Extrusion Profiles

When it comes to sustainable aluminum extrusion, there are certain benefits to using this material. For builders, the abbreviation you want to look for is “LEED,” which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.” It’s the gold standard for evaluating the environmental friendliness of buildings all across the world. Aluminum extrusion profiles are frequently used in LEED Certified construction because of the potential advantages they may provide to eco-friendly design. In addition to reducing the amount of energy required to produce the parts, commodities, and components for the project, custom extrusion dies provide a number of additional substantial operational benefits. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system was created by the United States Green Building Council as a guide for architects, builders, and facility managers to use in developing environmentally friendly buildings. Many construction companies want to earn LEED certification for both commercial and residential projects.

Using sustainable aluminum extrusions constructed with one-of-a-kind extrusion dies helps in all five of these graded areas of concern. Atmosphere, energy, materials and resources, water effectiveness, sustainable locations, and environmental quality are the five main areas to focus on. A building can be certified, silvered, golded, or platinumed depending on the quality of its design and construction. Framing systems, walls, roofs, ornamental features, curtain walls, interior trimmings, and safety railings are just some of the many construction components that may be made with aluminum extrusion profiles. Parts made by custom aluminum extruders are guaranteed to meet or exceed client expectations since they are made specifically for them.

Aluminum for Automotive Industry Manufacturing

Using recyclable aluminum extrusions has several advantages, including those we’ve already discussed. Aluminum’s lightweight and energy efficiency make it a fantastic roofing material. When coated with the right kind of innovative finishing procedures, aluminum can reflect over 95% of solar radiation, making buildings cooler in the summer and protecting the structure below all year long. Aluminum, unlike common construction materials like steel and iron, has a natural resistance to corrosion that allows it to last for a longer period of time without rusting or corroding.

Even without additional coatings, corrosion resistance is a distinct feature of custom aluminum extruders. Get in contact with Silver City Aluminum’s specialists to discuss your needs for custom aluminum extrusion profiles. The number to reach any of our staff members is 508-824-8631. We take pleasure in assisting customers not just in New England, but all around the United States. Call us now for a no-obligation estimate, or to get started with one of our skilled representatives.