Extruding Aluminum Alloys for Custom Aluminum Fabrication

custom aluminum fabricationAt Silver City Aluminum, we take care of everything for our clients. Our one-stop shop fabrication and extrusion plant in Southeastern Massachusetts handles everything in-house, from the creation of custom extrusion designs to the selection of the best aluminum alloys, extrusion and fabrication, finishing, and shipment. Regardless of your requirements, our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians can give you the aluminum industry solutions you want for your company. Here at Silver City Aluminum, parts, components, and entire projects are all planned, developed, and produced.

Custom Aluminum Fabrication

We go above and above to guarantee that we are offering our clients the highest possible levels of quality assurance and customer care. Delivering a superb custom aluminum product that exceeds expectations is our aim. We continue to concentrate on the product’s actual use, including all of the particulars related to its intended end use. We have found that the more we can assist the customer in developing a final design that will fulfill their needs, the sooner we are able to get engaged in their design and development process. We take pleasure in our ability to actively participate in the design and engineering phases of any project for which we provide services to our clients.

Our highly qualified, professional, and experienced staff members work carefully to provide unique components for our clients. The design or selection of the profile or die that will be used to generate the required form is the first step in the extrusion and manufacturing process. We get our billet from a variety of providers, making the decision to solely deal with 99.9% recyclable aluminum materials. To save scrap, we pre-cut the large lengths of billet that we get from our suppliers to the right size for the order. As a result, the customer’s expenditures are decreased, and we are able to develop a more precise materials procedure depending on the length and weight of the profile. Prior to extrusion, the components are heated to a specified temperature, and the aluminum is then forced through the die at a pressure of around 10,000,000 pounds to produce the correct form.

Extruding Aluminum Alloys

We examine each component individually after extrusion using our state-of-the-art PLC control technology extrusion equipment to guarantee constant and reliable quality control. The custom extrusion design is then transferred to our fabrication department for any extra fabrication work that needs to be done. Once more, all of this work is completed on-site at our location in Southeast Massachusetts. To meet the needs of the client, CNC manufacturing of both long and short components, as well as punching, mitering, and precision sawing, may be finished at this time. We are able to continue to maintain quality control and surpass the highest industry requirements since we are able to perform everything at our own facilities. By avoiding the need to send it to a third party service provider and wait for its return, we are also able to shorten lead times.

This is an opportunity for secondary operations, such as vibratory or tumble deburring, which is done on any order involving punching or manufacturing. We endeavor to eliminate any minor aluminum burrs that may remain after this stage of the custom extrusion design and production process is finished. Within our local plant, this department may also take on other tasks including assembling and heli-coiling. Whether the customer opts to use industry-grade paint, powder coating, or anodizing to obtain the ideal color, texture, or protective layer of coating for the completed product, finishing is done last. Give our staff a call to find out more about our extrusion and fabrication capabilities at our one-stop fabrication and finishing facility.

One Stop Shop Manufacturing

We are an aluminum industry solutions company based in Taunton, Massachusetts, and we specialize in custom extrusion design. Call 508-824-8631 to get in touch with our office and chat with a member of our amiable and experienced staff. You may ask us any questions you may have regarding our fabrication and extrusion facility, which serves as a one-stop shop, and you can also get a detailed price for our services to help you meet your production objectives.