Eco-Friendly Manufacturing and Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

eco-friendly solutions for aluminum extrusion manufacturingAluminum is one of the most advantageous metals to consider for the creation of sustainable, eco-friendly products, parts, and components by architects, project managers, and designers. Raw aluminum, which is found in the earth in the form of bauxite, must be refined to produce the aluminum ingot used to create aluminum extrusion solutions, whereas recycled aluminum requires only five percent of the energy required to produce new aluminum. The good news is that aluminum is the most recycled metal on the planet, and the vast majority of aluminum ever manufactured is still in use today. Utilizing custom extrusion dies and professional services, such as custom finishing, our New England fabrication and extrusion facility can help you take advantage of all the advantages of aluminum products.

Custom Aluminum Designs

Aluminum waste can be repeatedly recycled without sacrificing any of its inherent properties. This is what is indicated by the expression one hundred percent efficacy. Aluminum’s inherent qualities, which make it so attractive to so many industries, are not compromised during the recycling process. The aluminum billet that Silver City Aluminum purchases from a variety of suppliers is 99.9 percent recyclable. We utilize 6000-series aluminum alloys, including 6063, 6005, and 6463. Our Engineering page contains information about the shapes and sizes of custom aluminum designs that we can create, as well as information about standard aluminum tolerances and design guidelines for avoiding surface defects and minimizing corrosion.

Using aluminum for their manufacturing requirements can be extremely beneficial for companies seeking to reduce their CO2 emissions and their impact on the local environment. Through the use of recyclable aluminum materials, we are able to assist our clients in achieving their environmental objectives. We are pleased with the contributions that our engineering and design team has made to the numerous industries we serve. In the future, we will continue to collaborate with our customers to find novel methods to use custom extrusion dies to reduce waste, optimize production, and meet global sustainability challenges.

Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing aluminum extrusion solutions for your business. Small aluminum profiles, known as micro-application extrusions in the industry, can be used to create cost-effective production solutions for products and applications with small diameters, strict tolerances, and dimensions that would not be feasible with other manufacturing techniques. Our fabrication facility offers large-scale and short-run production of custom extrusions, in addition to other services. Surface treatments, such as powder-coating and anodizing, can also be employed to improve the quality of the final product.

Medical and laboratory, electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace, LED lighting, furniture, marine, and other advanced industries are some of the industries we serve with our specialized, custom aluminum extrusion solutions. Smaller profiles may be the optimal option for applications requiring unique details and specialized components that take advantage of aluminum’s inherent properties. Small profiles are even more environmentally beneficial because they serve to reduce the use of raw materials and the overall weight of the completed project. Less weight means less energy consumption for transportation, easier assembly, and, in the case of the transportation industry, better fuel economy.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing in Massachusetts

Our facility in Southeastern Massachusetts is equipped with a state-of-the-art extrusion system that is fully incorporated and automated for maximal efficiency and consistency. We can communicate with our devices via the Internet from any location in the world due to the development of PLC control technology. This enables our team to observe how the machines are operating and view crucial data, such as the speed, extrusion formulation, and all other variables necessary for dependable quality control. To learn more about Silver City Aluminum and the aluminum extrusion solutions and services we offer, please contact our team at 508-824-8686 and speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.