Design Custom Aluminum Products and Components for Industry

design custom aluminum profilesAt Silver City Aluminum, we like working with our customers to create and construct original extrusion designs. We use a variety of techniques during the extrusion, fabrication, and finishing processes to make our custom aluminum extrusion profiles. We purchase homogenized aluminum billet from various suppliers, which is made from naturally occurring bauxite that has been extracted. Our standard aluminum extrusions and made-to-order aluminum products are made from 99.9% recyclable aluminum billet, making them highly environmentally friendly.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

Each customer works closely with our team of highly qualified engineers and technicians to produce custom aluminum products that are tailored to their unique demands. We specialize in creating profiles for custom extrusion design and providing effective solutions for clients that operate in the nautical, automotive, transportation, and lighting industries. Over the many years we have worked to provide our customers with highly specialized designs for aluminum extrusion profiles, we have obtained significant insight into their needs and requirements. We are better able to help new clients accomplish their goals thanks to our knowledge in these areas.

Making custom metal rails for virtually any type of lighting fixture is one of our specialties. We still deal with a number of clients that are in the track lighting and LED lighting sectors. As a consequence, we have produced distinctive aluminum extrusions that clients in the lighting industry use as building materials. This offers us a substantial advantage over other producers in the sector. We have the ability to entirely personalize a product to fit the exact requirements and desires of our clients. Additionally, we are able to provide our clients a head start when making orders for certain materials and items because of our in-depth understanding of the sector.

Aluminum Extrusion Profiles for Industry

There are some domains in which we have particular skill and experience, despite the fact that we serve a wide spectrum of clients that work in numerous industries. The maritime sector, which is strongly embedded in the history and culture of Southeastern Massachusetts, is one of those areas where we thrive. We have designed and often extruded a variety of products, including custom boat rails for sailboats and powerboats, as well as regular boat rails, aluminum decks, structural components, and docks. Additionally, our facility has the capacity to manufacture practically all of the components, finished items, and parts required by the maritime sector.

Our team has also amassed considerable experience creating both custom and standard extrusions for clients from a wide range of sectors. Manufacturing for the consumer products, residential and commercial construction, automotive and transportation sectors, as well as other specialized product categories, is fairly normal at our facility. The sooner we can work with our clients to design aluminum extrusion profiles, the more satisfied they are with the completed result, we’ve found. Custom aluminum products are used in many different industries, including electronics, HVAC, infrastructure, commercial, industrial, public transportation, aerospace, and the military.

Design Custom Products at Silver City Aluminum

Discover how time and money may be saved with custom extrusion design. Our industrial solutions may provide you an edge over the competition by ensuring that you have the custom parts, components, materials, and products you need with a substantially shorter lead time than you can find anywhere else. To discuss your needs for aluminum extrusion profiles, just contact one of our customer service agents or an engineer. We can answer any questions you might have about our custom aluminum products, provide a full estimate for our services, or help you start planning how to maximize your investment in custom design.

Our entire team – from the sales staff to our experienced engineers and technicians – are dedicated to providing you with the best service and quality assurance standards. Our goal is to deliver a fantastic personalized aluminum product that exceeds all expectations. Call us at 508-824-8631 as soon as possible. We offer professional custom extrusion design services to clients in the New England region, throughout the country, and globally from our location in Southeast Massachusetts.