Aluminum Extrusion Design: Create Quality Aluminum Products

aluminum extrusion design servicesWe use aluminum items all the time, and they offer tremendous advantages in ways that most people don’t even realize or appreciate. The most abundant metal in the world is also the best at recycling, which makes it very economical and environmentally responsible. As a result, aluminum is used by several industries to create a variety of parts, goods, and components. From massive architectural projects to microscopic components within computers, standard extrusions and custom aluminum extrusion design may be found everywhere. Extrusions made of aluminum may be made in ways that simplify production, use less energy, and produce high-quality goods with lasting effects.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion

The extruded heatsink is one of the forms of aluminum items that you use often in several types of computers. Without requiring many additional procedures, the extrusion method may produce complicated geometries with tight tolerances. A very sophisticated and important extruded heatsink for the computer and electronics sectors may just need vibrational deburring and specialized finishing techniques. After the extrusion process, aluminum extrusion solutions have a very good surface quality, which makes them a perfect option for surface finishing, including painting or anodizing.

Our Southeastern Massachusetts plant can produce custom and standard extrusions rapidly and in large quantities to give our clients the parts, goods, and components they require right away. Between 30 and 45 days is the industry average for the start to completion and delivery of custom aluminum items. With alternatives for emergency services in a remarkable three to seven days for our devoted clients, Silver City Aluminum’s regular lead times are merely three to four weeks. Every day, while providing services to customers in New England, the rest of the nation, and all around the world, our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians and engineers develops unique aluminum extrusion solutions that surpass expectations – and industry standards.

Aluminum Products for Industry

The term “standard” aluminum extrusions refers to some of the most fundamental forms utilized in aluminum extrusion solutions. Bars, tubes, and angles are some of these common profiles. The tubes can be produced in either hollow or solid forms and in square, rectangular, or circular shapes. We have amassed a sizable selection of conventional extrusion dies over the years, from which our clients may select the parts and components they need for manufacture. Contact our staff and inquire about our Standard Profile Catalog for complete stock details. We provide full technical and design help for the development of custom aluminum extrusion dies in addition to conventional profiles.

Some customers could decide against using a custom solution due to the initial cost of designing and producing a new steel profile for extruding aluminum items. The cost benefits of producing custom aluminum goods, as opposed to spending time and money on fabrication and other more time-consuming secondary activities, are only apparent after the design has been completed. Custom aluminum extrusion profiles make up the majority of the orders Silver City Aluminum receives. Your custom aluminum extrusion solutions can allow you to optimize the return on investment thanks to the expertise and training of our team of engineers. Simply get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your custom extrusion design ideas.

Custom and Standard Extrusions in Massachusetts

If you want to create unique profiles for aluminum items but aren’t sure where to begin, read on. Call our team at 508-824-8631 to get in touch with us and discuss your needs with one of our helpful and educated customer service representatives. If you have any inquiries regarding standard extrusions, unique profile designs, completed aluminum goods, or need help placing your first order, contact us. At our location in Southeast Massachusetts, we can also provide you with a FREE estimate and design assistance to help you acquire the aluminum extrusion solutions you want. At Silver City Aluminum, we provide services and assistance to a wide range of diverse sectors, and we can provide you all the help you need to meet your production objectives.