Extrusion Solutions for Industry: Sustainable Aluminum Products

aluminum extrusion solutions for industryAluminum is one of the most advantageous metals to take into account when builders, project managers, and designers are looking for materials that will help them to develop sustainable, eco-friendly goods, parts, and components. Recycled aluminum uses just 5% of the energy needed to produce new aluminum, whereas raw aluminum, which is found in the ground in the form of bauxite, needs to be refined in order to produce the aluminum ingot required to construct aluminum extrusion solutions. The good news is that aluminum is the metal that gets recycled the most on Earth and that the majority of aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use today. By using specialized extrusion dies and expert services, such as custom finishing, our one-stop shop fabrication and extrusion plant in New England can assist you in reaping the benefits of aluminum goods.

Sustainable Aluminum Products

Recycling aluminum scrap several times won’t cause it to lose any of its original qualities. The term “100 percent efficiency” refers to this. Aluminum retains all of its inherent properties, which are what make it so appealing to a wide range of businesses, even after being recycled. A 99.9 percent recyclable aluminum billet is purchased by Silver City Aluminum from a number of vendors. We use 6000-series aluminum alloys, such as 6063, 6005, and 6463. On our Engineering page, you can find details about the custom aluminum designs we can create, including their shapes and sizes, as well as information about the typical tolerances for aluminum and suggestions for how to avoid surface imperfections and reduce corrosion through better design.

Aluminum is an excellent material to use for industrial purposes if your company wants to cut back on CO2 emissions and local environmental effect. We can assist our clients in achieving their environmental sustainability goals by using recyclable aluminum products. Our engineering and design team has been able to make contributions to many of the sectors we work with, and we are proud of that. We will continue to collaborate with our clients to find new approaches to using custom extrusion dies to reduce waste, expedite manufacturing, and address global sustainability concerns.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions

The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to creating aluminum extrusion solutions for your company. Small aluminum profiles, sometimes referred to as micro-application extrusions in the industry, can be used to manufacture goods and applications with small diameters, precise dimensions, and tight tolerances that are impossible to produce using conventional manufacturing methods. At our one-stop shop fabrication facility, large and short-run manufacturing of custom extrusions can be offered along with other services. Anodizing and powder coating are two surface treatments that may be applied to improve the final product.

We provide specialized, custom aluminum extrusion solutions to a variety of sophisticated industries, including electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace, LED lighting, furniture, and the medical and laboratory sectors. Smaller profiles might be the ideal option for applications that call for distinctive features and specialized components that make use of aluminum’s inherent properties. Small profiles are even more environmentally beneficial since they contribute to lessening the consumption of raw materials and the overall weight of the completed product. Reduced weight results in easier assembly, reduced energy consumption during transit, and, in the case of the transportation sectors, increased fuel efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing in Massachusetts

For optimal effectiveness and consistency, our plant in Southeast Massachusetts has a top-of-the-line extrusion system with fully integrated and automated components. We can now connect with our machines over the Internet from anywhere in the globe thanks to advancements in PLC control technology. In order to provide reliable quality control, this enables our team to examine crucial data, such as the rate of speed, extrusion recipe, and all other factors, as well as how the machines are operating. Contact Silver City Aluminum immediately at 508-824-8631 to talk with one of our helpful and educated customer service representatives and learn more about our company and the aluminum extrusion solutions and services we provide.