Designing Custom Extrusion Dies for Aluminum Parts and Components

designing custom extrusion diesCreating an infinite variety of forms and sizes for production is one of the most important advantages of aluminum extrusion, outside of time and money savings. Aluminum parts, components, and products, ranging from straightforward tubes and angles to intricate multi-void designs, may be produced using custom extrusion dies. Greater design flexibility for key components in many industries is made possible by aluminum extrusion profiles, providing a wealth of beneficial advantages. Throughout the various stages of the manufacturing process, some of these benefits include the ability to decrease weight, increase fuel efficiency, save time, and lower overhead costs.

Professionally Designed Custom Aluminum Profiles

It is crucial to realize that not every design is suitable for extrusion. For the finest outcomes, it pays to engage with recognized engineers and designers and benefit from their years of experience, education, and knowledge of extrusion processes. Walls that are too thin for the intended aluminum alloy or temper, as well as excessive wall thickness fluctuation throughout the design, are some of the frequent issues with custom extrusion dies. Custom profiles can maximize the return on investment for employing a particular alloy for a particular industrial demand by effectively preventing corrosion through design.

Dimensional tolerances that are impossible with the extrusion process are another issue faced with incorrectly designed profiles. Aluminum extrusion is a particularly useful process for producing aluminum parts, components, and products since it can produce a wide range of forms and sizes. To get the required outcomes, it is essential to comprehend what can and cannot be done using extrusion. Without wasting time and money on ineffective designs, Silver City Aluminum can assist you in obtaining the extruded aluminum goods that you want. In order to shorten the procedure and help you save time and money, our team of engineers can support you during the development phase.

Extruding Aluminum Parts and Components

A particular material is squeezed or forced through a profile or die during the extrusion process to produce the shape of the aperture. Usually, this is done in a single, lengthy piece that is then reduced to the customer’s requirements. Extrusion is most frequently compared to commonplace objects like play dough or clay that is pressed through a profile to make a shape or toothpaste that is squeezed from a tube into a cylinder shape on a toothbrush. We at Silver City Aluminum employ a process called hot extrusion. To form the correct shape, we heat the aluminum alloy to a certain temperature and then force it through a steel profile under more than 10,000,000 pounds of pressure.

Custom extrusion dies are a great option for production because of their many benefits. It enables for post-extrusion adjustments while the metal is still hot, such as pushing and stretching into the correct proportions, which greatly decreases the cost of producing each item. Short lead times and efficient manufacturing are made possible by high production volumes. To obtain the strength, flexibility, and other inherent attributes you seek for your completed goods, choose from a selection of aluminum alloys and tempers. Extrusion makes it possible to produce a high-quality surface finish, something that might be difficult to do with other production processes. Additionally, finishing options like painting, powder coating, and anodizing with colored or clear products can be used.

Design Custom Extrusion Solutions

The versatility and widespread use of aluminum extrusion profiles in so many different sectors is one of its most outstanding features. When using expert extrusion services, you can design corrosion prevention strategies as well as produce goods, parts, and components for almost any application or industry. Aluminum may be used to make structural items for building as well as intricate pieces for the electrical, electronics, and other high-tech sectors. It is also non-toxic and non-magnetic. Manufacturers using custom extrusion dies have a virtually limitless number of opportunities thanks to the usage of heat sinks, electrical cables, bars, tubes, and other necessary components. Call us at 508-824-8631 to learn more about our services or to discuss your needs with an engineer or designer.