Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions: Extruding Aluminum Alloys

extrude aluminum alloysIt would be hard to compile an exhaustive list of the various applications for basic rod and bar aluminum extrusion, let alone the infinite possibilities for bespoke aluminum extrusion design. Yet the advantages of aluminum products are wide-ranging, demonstrating the value they provide to a wide range of industries and markets. High-quality aluminum alloy extrusion is essential to the success of many different businesses, including the New England maritime industry, automakers, homebuilders, industrial machine developers, aerospace engineers, the military, and defense. Although its light weight and high strength-to-weight ratio are well-known advantages of aluminum, the metal’s other inherent attributes sometimes come as a pleasant surprise to people who are unfamiliar with it.

Benefits of Aluminum Products

Aluminum’s remarkable strength to weight ratio is a major selling point for the transportation and automotive sectors. Aluminum, with a density around one-third that of steel, provides manufacturers with all of the strength, safety, durability, and reliability necessary to increase fuel efficiency and decrease production costs. Custom aluminum extrusion has several uses in the motion industry, including shortening production timelines, increasing the value of components without adding extra work, and decreasing the weight of the finished product without sacrificing rigidity. Depending on the specific alloy, aluminum’s strength may be up to four times that of stainless steel, making it an excellent material for airplanes.

As soon as aluminum is exposed to oxygen, a natural protective coating forms on its surface in the form of an aluminum-oxide layer. This coating shields the underlying metal against rust and other corrosives, extending its useful life and decreasing the frequency of necessary repairs. This is often considered to be one of aluminum’s greatest selling points. If the aluminum oxide layer is scratched or otherwise compromised, a new layer grows instantly to protect the surface from further deterioration until the damage can be fixed. Anodizing, powder coating, and painting are just a few of the finishing methods that may be used to increase durability.

Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

As compared to other metals like steel or iron, aluminum is considerably more manageable, making aluminum extrusion a popular technique. While it has a high strength-to-weight ratio, most grades of aluminum alloy are easy to extrude and manufacture. After heating an aluminum billet to the appropriate temperature, it may be pushed through a steel die to produce the required form in an extrusion process. This method is used to make both common aluminum shapes like rods and bars and more unusual ones like tailored aluminum profiles. Following extrusion, the material is versatile enough to be pierced for installation, trimmed to size, or shaped into framework for doors, windows, or exhibitions. The nicest aspect about extrusion is that it allows for less post-extrusion activities by having many of the required forms, perforations, and features put in beforehand.

Aluminum goods are used in many different sectors and industries, including the automobile manufacturing business and the New England maritime industry. Aluminum is non-toxic, non-magnetic, and odorless, but it also has the unique ability to reflect light and heat. Aluminum is a superb thermal and electrical conductor. Even though it lacks copper’s conductivity, aluminum is a far more cost-effective and convenient alternative. This implies that aluminum, which weighs roughly half as much as copper but costs much less, may be used to achieve the same level of electrical resistance. Because of these benefits, aluminum is utilized in a wide range of applications, such as in the creation of LED lighting, computer motherboards, and other electrical devices.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

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