Automotive Industry Aluminum: Benefits of Extrusion Solutions

automotive industry aluminum and partsThe car industry has become more reliant on extruded aluminum parts and components in recent years. Manufacturers of automobiles are persistently working to enhance their vehicles’ efficiency, decrease their environmental impact, and enhance their passengers’ sense of security. Both made-to-order and stock extrusions meet all the criteria and improve the industry as a whole. Aluminum extrusion solutions for automotive industry requirements allow manufacturers to cut down on vehicle weight by using aluminum alloys that are just a third as heavy as steel. There are several advantages to this that didn’t seem imaginable even a few years ago. With the invention of basic extrusions such rod and bar aluminum, tubes, and angles, the aluminum extrusion sector has flourished, benefiting a wide range of businesses and customers.

Extrusion and Fabrication Solutions

Aluminum extrusions are being utilized to replace steel in the roof headers, cross-car beams, cross-members, and subframes of vehicles. The battery box, rockers, and aesthetic details aren’t the only places this extruded metal is being put to use. In the case of a rollover, the roof headers are employed to stabilize the windshield and protect the occupants. Extrusions meet the demands of the automotive industry by providing great strength at a low weight, resulting in a vehicle that is both more secure and easier to transport. The beams and members that run the length of the vehicle, called cross-cars, are the structural lynchpins. As well as supporting the instrument panel and other crucial components, they are employed to transport cargo.

While they may appear insignificant individually, the sum of these parts and components allows automotive engineers to achieve their aim of reducing vehicle weight without sacrificing quality. These bespoke and standard extrusions not only serve to reduce the vehicle’s total weight, which improves fuel efficiency, but they are also less expensive and more time and cost effective to produce. When the bespoke profile or die has been made, mass production of the necessary parts to meet the needs of the automaker is a breeze for the extrusion factory. Parts and components that are extruded may be made rapidly without the time lags associated with secondary processes and fabrication. Silver City Aluminum’s typical delivery time, using our own fleet of vehicles, is three to four weeks from the time of order.

Aluminum Industry Solutions

Silver City distinguishes out even among other factories that offer bespoke aluminum extrusion. Our first priority is satisfying our customers’ requirements while providing them with the highest possible return on their investment. Our extrusion system is made up of only the highest quality parts, and we are constantly updating it with new machinery and providing our employees with additional resources so that they can fulfill every request to the best of their abilities. PLC control technology advancements allow us to monitor and connect with our machines from anywhere in the globe, and also allow for the full integration and automation of all of the components.

With the intention of providing trustworthy and consistent quality control, we monitor the extrusion process closely at every stage. We never outsource our work or send your extruded parts and components to an other company. The whole process, from conceptualization to final distribution, is conducted in-house, including all extrusion, fabrication, secondary operations, finishing, and shipment. In order to ensure the highest standards of quality, our specialists monitor the whole operation and manually remove each product from the line for inspection. Our extruded aluminum parts and components are in high demand all around the world, but we conduct a significant amount of business inside the state of Massachusetts. Call us at 508-824-8631 if you have any questions about what we do or if you’re ready to make an order for bespoke or standard extrusions. We’re here to help you understand the advantages of extruded aluminum in your field and answer any questions you may have about employing extrusion solutions for automotive industry demands.