Aluminum Fabrication Shops: Custom and Standard Extrusion Dies

standard extrusion diesQuality assurance procedures start at the very beginning of the design and production process for custom extruded aluminum. In addition to finding a supplier with experience creating both unique and common aluminum extrusions, it’s crucial to pick the appropriate aluminum alloy for the job at hand. Aluminum extrusions may be made from a variety of alloys, each with its own set of qualities and benefits that make it suitable for long-term usage. Aluminum billet, or “billet,” is the raw material that Silver City Aluminum uses to produce finished products. You may rest easy knowing that the materials we use are of the highest standard even before we get started on your purchase. Our staff can assist you in producing rod and bar aluminum for construction or producing custom parts and components for consumer products to specifications and deadlines.

Silver City Aluminum provides comprehensive engineering and design services to its clients, and has also instituted stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure the integrity of every order it fulfills. We use only the highest quality components in our method for making both custom and conventional aluminum extrusions. For reliable, repeatable outcomes, the system is fully automated and integrated. Thanks to PLC technology, our engineers and technicians are no longer limited to working in the same physical place, but can instead access our equipment remotely through the Internet. Services like this allow us to monitor machine performance, pinpoint speeds, analyze extrusion recipes, and double-check other factors for consistent quality assurance.
This allows us to monitor the extrusion procedure in real time.

Painting and Protecting Standard Extrusions

Our Polycron paint range is just one product that demonstrates our commitment to quality control. In order to guarantee great results and uniform color application, this service employs a four-stage pre-wash method that goes above and beyond industry norms, as well as a wet application of paint that goes above and beyond the industry standard by 2ml. After being cured in one of our custom ovens, the pieces are removed from the assembly line one at a time and subjected to a thorough inspection by skilled professionals. Our shipping staff does a last quality check on the components once they have been received.

Our professionals closely watch over the production of all extruded aluminum parts, products, and components, and we use cutting-edge technology to assure the highest quality. We are able to do this because we oversee the entire extrusion procedure, from raw material procurement through order delivery. Each step of the extrusion, manufacturing, and finishing processes is followed by a thorough inspection by a member of our team to guarantee uniformity and quality. Each and every product that is extruded, fabricated, and finished at Silver City Aluminum’s factory in Southern Massachusetts is subject to rigorous quality control measures and consistent standards. If you’re interested in hearing more about the precautions we take to ensure quality control, feel free to ask a member of our engineering team.

Solutions for Aluminum Extrusion Industry

While we do our best to accommodate a broad variety of aluminum alloy preferences from our customers, the 6000-series alloys are the ones we most frequently use because of the strength and benefits they provide to our final products. We mostly work with the alloys 6005, 6063, and 6463, which may be tempered and thicknessed to obtain the required level of tensile strength and quality for each individual client. Several factors, such as the need to inhibit corrosion, facilitate heat and electrical conduction, achieve a high strength-to-weight ratio, and so on, might direct the selection of the alloy used. Silver City Aluminum employs only the best quality machinery, tools, and supplies available, and only acquires billets from reliable suppliers.

If you visit our Engineering website, you can find out more about the alloys we employ and the benefits and strengths of each. In addition to providing high-quality custom and conventional aluminum extrusions, we also provide our clients with helpful hints, advice, and information. Our ability to create environmentally friendly aluminum extrusions that set new benchmarks in quality is a source of great pleasure for us. Call us at 508-824-8631 to discuss your extruded aluminum requirements with one of our engineers and receive a FREE quote.