Protect Aluminum for Automotive and New England Marine Industry

aluminum protective coating solutionsThere may be specific prerequisites or guidelines for the bespoke aluminum coating solutions that you provide, depending on the sector of the economy that you service. At Silver City Aluminum, we spare no effort to ensure that the aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and finishing services we provide our customers are of the highest possible quality and either meet or go above and beyond their expectations. At our location in Southeastern Massachusetts, in addition to extrusion, sawing, deburring, and other key service choices, we also offer Polycron paint treatments, powder-coating, and anodizing. We handle everything in-house to maintain strict control over the quality of our work and give our customers the quickest possible turnaround time. To guarantee that the custom aluminum extrusion for industry that we provide satisfies all of the relevant standards, we have set ourselves the objective of achieving perfection in each of the coating services that we provide.

Extrusion Solutions for Automotive Industry

When it comes to painting our high-quality aluminum extrusion, we make use of a cutting-edge vertical electrostatic Polycron line that can accommodate parts that are as long as twenty-one feet in length. This enables us to paint extrusions of any length. In order to fulfill the prerequisites of each sector that we work within, we work tirelessly to perfect our procedures in order to achieve uniformity in the application of color and superior adhesion. To start, we provide a pre-treat finish, which is more accurately a four-stage pre-washing process. The first stage is an etch, followed by a clean wash, then a neutralizing wash, and finally a pre-wash that is the industry standard. We make use of this technology to provide good adherence to the aluminum materials, which in turn produces results that are more consistent and persist for a longer period of time.

As soon as the pre-washing process is finished, we start applying the Polycron paint in a layer that is roughly 2 ml wet thick. Our personnel performs routine inspections and checks on the moving parts of our vertical electrostatic line to ensure that the final products are of the highest possible quality and that the color application is uniform. After the paint has been applied to the components in accordance with the requirements of the customer, the aluminum extrusion for industry is baked in one of our specialized, custom ovens in order to cure the paint and complete the process. After the curing process is complete, each component is removed from the production line one at a time and examined by our team of highly qualified experts before being sent to the shipping department. When the components reach the shipping department, they go through a second round of inspection to guarantee that the final product is of high quality before being packaged up for shipment.

Coating Solutions for the New England Marine Industry

In addition to painting, we also provide our customers with the opportunity to apply secondary finishing services such as powder coating and anodizing. These services are available to them if they so want. As a means of providing our customers with a finish that delivers the aesthetic appeal that they seek and of shortening the amount of lead time required, we collaborate with a number of distinct powder coating supplier firms. The turnaround time for items that incorporate this additional service will vary depending on the component that is being completed, as well as the method and the components that are being utilized. After the sawing and deburring or other fabrication services have been completed, the anodizing process, which involves coloring short or long pieces, can be applied in either large or small batches.

When they place orders for high-quality aluminum extrusion from our company, our customers have access to an endless selection of powder coating and anodizing options, as well as color options. Anodizing in a variety of colors, including clear, black, and multicolor, is one of the services that we provide. Requests for custom anodizing can also be made to achieve a particular aesthetic, surface texture, or protective layer, depending on the customer’s requirements in this regard. Make sure to chat with a member of our customer care team or get in touch with one of our skilled specialists for a professional consultation if you are interested in finding out more about the unique aluminum coating options that we provide. In order to provide our customers with the color, finishing, and aesthetic options that they choose for their products, we collaborate with a wide range of vendors to fulfill those needs.

Extrusion Solutions for Industry

When you engage with Silver City Aluminum to fulfill your requirements for standard or custom aluminum extrusion, we are able to provide a wide range of supplementary services that are intended to simplify the production process for your company. Our capabilities in anodizing aluminum, applying powder coatings, and painting include a wide variety of surface preparations. These preparations include our four-stage pre-wash system, as well as coloring, dyeing, and texturing procedures. In addition to providing unique aluminum coating options, the highly trained and experienced staff members that make up our team are able to provide answers to any queries that you might have regarding the quality of the aluminum extrusion services that we provide. Get in touch with our customer service team about placing an order for custom aluminum extrusion for industry by calling our team directly at 508-824-8631 or by using our online contact form.