Custom Extrusion Design to Reduce Post Extrusion Operations

custom aluminum extrusion designWorking with a trusted manufacturer that can explain each step of the procedure, as well as supply engineering design and assistance, is essential when making custom aluminum extrusions. Silver City Aluminum works closely with each customer to make sure that the custom extrusion dies we make for them are perfect for their needs. You don’t need experience designing custom profiles to have our staff help you come up with aluminum extrusion solutions that will do what you need them to do and more. If you need specialized aluminum extrusions made to order, you can benefit from our wide range of customers and services that are tailored to the exact norms and standards of virtually any industry.

Post Extrusion Operations

Our ability to guarantee that all of your needs are addressed depends on how early we can become engaged in the design of your part, product, or component. When it comes to custom aluminum fabrication, Silver City Aluminum can make just about anything inside a seven-inch diameter circle. This restriction is necessary because of the aluminum billet we utilize to manufacture aluminum extrusions to your specifications. Along with our standard offerings, we also provide a number of specialized services to meet the varying demands of other industries. If you need custom extrusion dies, our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians can make them for you.

Collars for automobiles, heat sinks for holding tanks used in the process of converting liquids to gases, and even snow-making equipment are just a few of the things we’ve worked on over the years. We begin by extruding the metal into lengthy lengths, which we then cut into shorter parts to use as car collars. The components are cut down to size and used to make a pair of collars. By taking this route, we were able to considerably cut the price of these aluminum extrusion solutions, giving them a more affordable option for our customers while still providing a reliable replacement for steel. One of our areas of expertise is the design and manufacture of cold sinks that convert liquid nitrogen to gases. Locally, you might spot one of these tanks in the parking lots of medical facilities, workplaces, or even government buildings and grounds.

Custom Extrusion Design

We prefer and will give 2D and 3D files in a few specified formats, whether you submit your designs for custom aluminum extrusions to us directly or work to build bespoke profiles with our staff. Both the.dxf and.dwg file extensions are accepted for files designed in AutoCAD, a widely used program for industrial design. The files are made available in either.stp or.iges format, which can be read by 3D modeling software like Solidworks and Inventor. We can create Adobe.pdf files of your aluminum extrusion solutions if you don’t have access to CAD software. For your convenience, we may also accept.pdf files with the dimensions included for use in recreating the shape in AutoCAD.

To ensure that the custom extrusion dies we produce for our clients are up to par with their expectations, we share several industry secrets with them. There are a variety of approaches we might take to achieve this goal, some of which have been learned through the course of our extensive experience with custom aluminum extrusion, while others may have evolved over time. When making unique profiles, it’s important to always keep the surface finish in mind during the design process. Indicate the exposed surfaces in your design drawings for your custom dies so that we can take extra care to avoid damaging the finish during extrusion and post-extrusion processing.

Aluminum Products for Industry

Contact us at 508-824-8631 if you’re interested in learning more about our aluminum extrusion solutions and custom profile design services. We are a Taunton, Massachusetts-based company that ships its high-quality, custom aluminum extrusions and reliable, industry-standard extrusions all throughout New England, North America, and the world. To discuss your specific needs and specifications for bespoke extrusion dies with one of our expert engineers, please give us a call now.