Custom Extrusion and Fabrication Services: Coating Solutions

fabrication and extrusion servicesFinding aluminum fabrication companies that will give you the high-quality services you require to produce a product or part that you can proudly market is crucial. The reliability, dependability, and caliber of the goods you sell will have a direct impact on the reputation of your business. Silver City Aluminum takes pride in its ability to provide customers with standard and customized aluminum extrusions both locally in the Southcoast region and internationally. From the original design and development of unique profiles through the extrusion process, fabrication, finishing, and shipment, we handle everything internally at our Taunton, Massachusetts location. We want to be your go-to source for aluminum extrusion services. We are honored to have had numerous clients’ repeat business throughout the years since we take the work we perform extremely seriously. Quality control is essential to our success—and yours—in everything from extrusion and fabrication to sawing and deburring.

Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians and engineers specializes in offering our clients, who work in a variety of sectors, practical industry solutions. Manufacturers in the automotive, maritime, aerospace, transportation, and lighting industries, to name a few, have benefited from our expert services. Our experience working with such a wide range of clients has made us even more helpful to all of our clients because we can assist them in starting the ordering process for particular materials and goods. Almost everything you would require can be produced at our facilities using a custom extrusion profile. Through our value-added services at our one-stop aluminum extrusion and fabrication business, we can also assist our customers in making financial savings and considerably reducing lead times.

Reasons to Extrude Aluminum Alloys

Every client we work with receives the highest level of quality assurance and customer care from us. To create exceptional custom aluminum products that go above and beyond expectations, it is our mission to go above and beyond. In order to assist us in achieving our objectives, we provide a wide range of extra services and opportunities to our clients. We also provide secondary operations, such as sawing and deburring, assembling, and finishing services, so extrusion and fabrication are just the beginning. We take pleasure in our ability to actively participate in the design and production phases of any project for a client. Our lead times, which are much better than the industry average, are another area in which Silver City Aluminum takes great pride. The majority of retailers deliver finished items between 30-45 days after the order is placed. Within a maximum of 3–4 weeks, our staff normally uses our own fleet of trucks to deliver customized aluminum items.

At Silver City Aluminum, we frequently discuss our unique profiles and solutions, but for customers who want something basic and uncomplicated, we also provide conventional extrusion profiles. Bars, angles, and tubes are a few of the common extrusions we offer. Depending on your requirements, these extrusions can be square, circular, hollow, or solid. Even though the majority of our clients require specially created goods and materials, we nonetheless offer the same degree of quality assurance and dedication to client service for our conventional extrusions. For a complete listing of the solid tubes, hollow tubes, square tubes, angles, bars, and other shapes that are included in this standard extrusion shape category, visit our website’s Standard Profile Catalog.

One Stop Shop Fabrication and Extrusion

Almost any element or design that our clients need can be custom-fabricated by our fabrication department. Some of the services we may offer include punching, mitering, sawing, deburring, and CNC manufacturing for both short and long pieces. We are able to retain a very high level of quality control while drastically lowering our lead times by having our aluminum fabrication facilities and finishing facility on-site at the same location. In our one-stop aluminum extrusion and fabrication factory, our staff handles all the specifics for your project instead of outsourcing parts to third parties and independent contractors. Call us at 508-824-8631 to find out more about the services we offer and the procedure followed in the creation of unique profiles and operations. In addition to providing you with a FREE quote for our services, we can address any inquiries you may have concerning our facilities.