Custom Coating Solutions Available at Aluminum Fabrication Shops

custom coating solutions for sustainable aluminum productsThere may be certain needs or regulations for custom aluminum coating solutions, depending on the industry you service. When it comes to providing our customers with high-quality aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and finishing services that meet or exceed their expectations, Silver City Aluminum goes above and beyond. At our location in Southeastern Massachusetts, we provide Polycron paint treatments, powder coating, and anodizing in addition to extrusion, sawing, deburring, and other fundamental service options. To assure quality control and give our clients the finest lead time possible, we complete everything in-house. In order to guarantee that the custom aluminum extrusion for industry that we produce satisfies all relevant requirements, our mission is to strive for perfection in all of our coating services.

Painting Aluminum Products

We use a cutting-edge vertical electrostatic Polycron line that can handle components up to twenty-one feet in length to paint our high-quality aluminum extrusion. To fulfill the demands of every market we service, we continuously enhance our procedures to ensure consistent color application and top-notch adherence. The pre-treat finish that we offer first is actually a four-stage pre-wash procedure. A clean wash, a neutralizing wash, a pre-wash, and an etch are the four steps. For results that stay longer and are more reliable, we employ this method to provide good adherence to the aluminum materials.

After the pre-wash is finished, we apply the Polycron paint at a wet thickness of around 2 ml. To guarantee top-notch outcomes and uniform color application, our personnel constantly monitors and inspects the passing components on our vertical electrostatic line. After the pieces have been painted in accordance with the specifications of the client, the aluminum extrusion for industry is cured by baking in one of our unique, specialized ovens. After curing, each piece is manually removed from the production line one at a time, where it is examined by a member of our team of skilled specialists before being delivered to the shipping department. The items are checked once more to assure quality results once they reach the shipping department before being packaged for dispatch.

Aluminum Surface Treatments

We give our clients the option of applying secondary finishing services, such as powder coating and anodizing, in addition to painting. We collaborate with a number of different powder coating suppliers to provide our customers the finish they want while lengthening the lead time. The part that is being finished, as well as the procedure and materials employed, will all affect the lead time for products that involve this additional service. Once the sawing, deburring, or other manufacturing processes are finished, anodizing entails coloring short or long pieces and can be performed in either large or small batches.

For their orders of high-quality aluminum extrusion, our customers have an infinite variety of colors, powder coatings, and anodizing options to select from. In addition to multi-color anodizing options, we also provide clear and black anodizing. Depending on their requirements, customers can also request custom anodizing to provide a particular appearance, texture, or protective layer. Make sure to get in touch with one of our qualified professionals for a qualified consultation if you’re interested in learning more about our unique aluminum coating solutions. We collaborate with a range of vendors to produce the color, thickness, and style that our clients demand for their products.

Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

When you choose Silver City Aluminum to handle your conventional or custom aluminum extrusion requirements, we can provide a wide range of additional services aimed at streamlining the manufacturing process for your company. A wide variety of surface preparations, including our four-stage pre-wash system, as well as coloring, dyeing, and texturing procedures are all part of our aluminum anodizing, powder-coating, and painting capabilities. Any queries you may have regarding the high quality aluminum extrusion services we provide, including solutions for custom aluminum coating, can be addressed by our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. To place an order for a custom aluminum extrusion for industry, get in touch with our staff immediately by calling 508-542-7200 or using our online contact form.