Automotive Industry Aluminum: Custom Solutions for Industry

industry aluminum productsThe advancement of several innovative goods, parts, and components utilized today all over the world has been made possible thanks in large part to the aluminum extrusion sector. At Silver City Aluminum, we take great pride in the work we have done to assist our clients with the design and engineering of unique aluminum products that have supported innovative concepts in the automotive, maritime, lighting, construction, consumer goods, and other important industries. Our extensive experience working with clients has given us invaluable information that has enabled us to be a great resource for new clients working in a range of different industries. Engineers and technicians on our team have completed a wide range of projects, from hollow aluminum tubes to aluminum doors and windows that maximize thermal management and increase efficiency.

Traditional Aluminum Frames

Some of the problems that we were able to solve through the design and production of unique aluminum products have become benchmarks for new inventions and technological advancements. Our expertise has made it possible for us to work with unusual materials and offer suggestions for personalized items. The marine sector uses some of the goods we regularly develop and extrude for customers. The projects we have worked on at Silver City Aluminum include custom boat rails for sail and power boats, regular boat railing and decking, structural materials, and even docks. With custom design for aluminum products, we can produce almost anything that someone in the marine industry could require. For marine sector solutions such as hollow aluminum tubes, aluminum doors, and aluminum windows, aluminum offers a number of benefits.

Aluminum use in the automobile sector is increasing, and we are happy to play a role in this trend that benefits both consumers and manufacturers. Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum is strong enough to be used in the creation of consumer, transit, and industrial vehicles despite weighing only one-third as much as steel. Our staff has mastered the art of creating collars for the automobile sector. Before cutting the components into smaller ones, we first extrude the pieces into long lengths. These smaller pieces are then combined to create opposing collars, just like previous projects we create for our clients. This kind of manufacturing has numerous advantages, including producing more affordable solutions for our clients and a strong and reliable steel substitute.

Post Extrusion Operations for Industry

Over the years, our staff of engineers and technicians has worked with clients to develop a variety of specialized aluminum products. We are able to develop telescopic profiles that seamlessly merge into one another. Display firms are among the industries that use this particular form of extrusion. The smaller telescoping shape will fit exactly inside the other because we are able to maintain each profile at such a tight tolerance, resulting in a highly snug and secure product. We have also put a lot of effort into developing and extruding liquid nitrogen for usage in large holding tanks utilized by hospitals, businesses, government facilities, and industrial sites. When compared to other similar applications, snow-making guns for resorts are extremely effective and efficient when constructed with aluminum extrusion.

At our Massachusetts location, we offer fabrication and secondary operations services in addition to design and engineering for the extrusion phase of manufacturing, such as deburring, heli-coiling, assembly, punching, mitering, precision sawing, and more. Finishing options can improve a part, component, or product’s functionality and durability, extend the life of the finished product, add texture and grip, or provide aesthetic advantages. Our one-stop extrusion, fabrication, and finishing business performs all of this work internally so that we can give our clients the greatest outcomes and tightest possible quality control.

Aluminum Extrusion Solutions

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