Aluminum Extrusion Industry Solutions: Sustainable Products

sustainable aluminum extrusionsDetails matter when it comes to designing and making the parts, components, and products your company produces and sells. You can save money and time with a custom-designed extrusion that also meets your exact specifications for the parts you need, when you need them. It has been our experience at Silver City Aluminum that the earlier we can get involved in the design process with our clients, the better the final product will be. We’re proud of the quality aluminum extrusion solutions we’ve developed for our clients and our ability to participate fully in the design and development of their projects. Our mission is to satisfy each customer by exceeding their expectations through meticulous attention to detail and unmatched professionalism. Every step of the way, from initial engineering and design to final aluminum extrusion, fabrication, and custom coating solutions, we maintain a commitment to providing our customers with high-quality goods and unmatched service.

Extrusion and Fabrication Services

In our plant in Southeastern Massachusetts, we only employ people who have the experience and training to do the job right. Over the course of many years of service, we’ve developed innovative approaches to meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations. As a custom aluminum extruder, we source our billet from a variety of manufacturers and exclusively work with materials that are 99.9 percent aluminum and therefore entirely recyclable. The billet is delivered to us in long lengths, and once we receive an order, we pre-cut the seven-inch diameter pieces to the specified dimensions. By doing so, we are able to produce cuts that are true to the profile’s length and weight while minimizing waste. A long oven is used to preheat the billets before they are transferred to the extrusion press, regardless of whether a custom extrusion design or a standard profile has been chosen. To get the best results, a certain temperature must be used.

About ten million pounds of pressure are applied by our team as they force the metal through the steel profile. A custom or standard profile is cut from a continuous flow of aluminum as it passes through a die. The aluminum is extruded, then transported to our 160-foot table where it is stretched between two opposing stretchers while still hot. The precise dimension required by the client can then be attained in this manner. After the metal has been heated, we let it cool and then cut it to the length specified by the client. The aluminum is hardened to its full potential through the heat-treating process so that the customer can reap the benefits of the material’s full strength. Our entire extrusion system is made up of cutting-edge, premium components. Our ability to talk to our machines through PLC control technology guarantees the highest quality output thanks to our emphasis on integration and automation.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

When our aluminum extrusion solutions are complete, we take the next steps to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. We offer a variety of fabrication services, including CNC fabrication for both long and short part fabrication, punching, precision sawing, heli-coiling, and mitering. When we deliver a product to a client, we make sure there are no aluminum burrs left over from the manufacturing process by deburring any parts that required additional work. Depending on the requirements of the manufactured item, we either use a vibratory deburring method alone or a combination of vibratory and tumble deburring. To complement the products we manufacture for our customers, we also offer full assembly services. Our New England facility handles all of this processing in-house.

Our aluminum extrusion options can be further customized with the help of our finishing services. To aid our customers in reaching their objectives, we provide painting, powder-coating, and anodizing services. In the case of custom aluminum coating solutions, we stock a wide variety of colors to help you find one that is both aesthetically pleasing and conforms to any applicable industry standards. In order to guarantee the highest standards, our team goes above and beyond by removing each component by hand after carefully monitoring and inspecting it during the painting or anodizing process. Additional functionality can be added to a piece through various finishing options, such as the addition of a grip texture or the use of color to indicate where to hold or handle the item. Contact Silver City Aluminum at 508-542-7200 to find out more about our custom extrusion design, fabrication, and finishing services.