Custom Extrusion Design and Fabrication for Many Industry Needs

custom extrusion design for industryComponents, products, and parts are essential to everyday life, yet each business has its own set of standards for quality and precision. From the automobile industry to the lighting and LED lighting sectors and everywhere in between, Silver City Aluminum has a clientele that spans the globe. Boat rails, structural materials, aluminum decking, and docks are just some of the applications for aluminum industry products in the marine sector. Aluminum extrusions for industry are used by the aerospace and military industries to build quicker, lighter, and more fuel-efficient aircraft to meet the ever-increasing demand. Our aluminum designs are cutting edge, and our clients know it.

One Stop Shop Fabrication, Design, and Extrusion

At our plant in Southeastern Massachusetts, we take great satisfaction in our capacity to participate in every stage of product development. We can improve our services, make higher-quality final products, and keep a close eye on quality with the tools and opportunities it affords us. We attribute much of our success to the fact that we pay close attention to how our products will be put to use, taking into account any and all relevant factors. As a result, we’re better able to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers with extruded aluminum products that are tailor-made for them.

Over the course of many years spent supplying top-notch products to clients in virtually every industry, we’ve learned that the more hands-on we can be during the product development phase, the more we’ll be able to assist our customers in arriving at a final design that meets their requirements. Each and every one of our customers can count on the highest levels of quality assurance and service from us. All of our efforts are directed at delivering a custom aluminum product of the highest possible quality. Together, our team of highly skilled engineers, designers, and technicians is able to provide our customers with products that exceed all norms in the market.

Industry-Specific Solutions Are Our Bread and Butter

Silver City Aluminum is an industry leader in the development of bespoke extrusion solutions. We’ve managed to stay at the forefront of the aluminum industry solution field thanks to the time and effort we’ve put into our training, education, and service to our clients. We collaborate with customers in the automotive and transportation industries, as well as in the LED lighting and marine fields. Our products include telescopic profiles, cold sinks that convert liquid nitrogen to gas, and highly efficient specialized snowmaking gun designs. Every one of our one-of-a-kind creations is made to better satisfy the needs of our customers in a way that also saves them money.

One of the examples of the work that we do is in the production of collars for the automobile industry. Vehicle makers are increasingly relying on aluminum as a key component of their effort to develop ever-lighter, more reliable, and environmentally friendly automobiles. First, we extrude the aluminum into lengthy lengths, which we then use as a guide for subsequent sawing into smaller sections. These sub-components are subsequently incorporated into the production of paired collars. Because of the extrusion process, the components we provide to our customers not only have a high strength-to-weight ratio but are also more cost-effective than steel.

Aluminum Extrusion for Industry

The extrusion system we use only uses the highest quality components. To guarantee consistent quality control, we’ve automated and integrated all of our processes. PLC control technology has allowed us to connect our machines to the internet, where we can check on their status, speed, extrusion recipe, and any other relevant data. This allows our team to monitor the extrusion procedure in real-time. From the initial design and engineering phase through extrusion, secondary operations, manufacturing, finishing, inspections at every level, and delivery via our fleet of trucks, we handle everything in-house at our Southeastern Massachusetts plant. This assures quality control for consistent and predictable results and allows us to have some of the best lead times in the business. Get in touch with us at 508-824-8631 to talk about our offerings.