Custom Design and Manufacturing for Quality Extrusion Designs

quality extrusion designs for aluminum partsCustom designing and engineering is a crucial service for manufacturers interested in aluminum extrusion. Silver City Aluminum’s experience has taught us that the earlier we can get involved in the design process for custom aluminum extrusion with our clients, the more likely it is that the final product will be tailored to their exact requirements. At our facility in Southeastern Massachusetts, we take great pride in our ability to participate fully in the design process for each and every project we undertake. To help our clients succeed, we offer a wide range of post-extrusion services, including fabrication, finishing, and quality control, in addition to design and extrusion. One of the many benefits of working with our company for your custom aluminum extrusion needs is that we can accommodate your special needs and those of your application and environment.

Custom Aluminum Products

Using aluminum in production has many benefits. Also, the extrusion process adds to the aluminum’s strength, making it ideal for use in everything from car production to building structures. Aluminum, in contrast to the brittle steel, actually gets stronger as the temperature drops, making it ideal for harsh climates. Aluminum is used in a wide variety of standard and custom extrusions in the construction industry because it outperforms other metals in terms of durability, dependability, and versatility. Construction, transportation, infrastructure, the marine, and industrial machining are just some of the many industries that rely on structural components.

When designing aluminum extrusions, it’s possible to cut down on waste, save money on administrative costs, and shorten production times for vital components and finished goods. Aluminum extrusions can be made in any shape or size thanks to the extrusion process’s adaptability, which opens up a wide range of possibilities for their design. As the aluminum is heated to the right temperature, it is forced through a die or profile at a pressure of 10,000,000 pounds. Once the form has been created, it can be used repeatedly to recreate the profiles per the request of the client. The extruded form is then stretched while still warm to the desired size before being cut to length.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusions

Most people think of aluminum and recall how easily it can be crushed as they recall the last time they used an aluminum soda can. On the other hand, extruded aluminum is produced from a different alloy and is heat-treated to enhance its strength and other vital qualities, making the most of this remarkably versatile metal. As a result of its low cost, wide availability, and high structural integrity, aluminum has rapidly become a popular material choice in the building industry. It is widely used in the construction of LED lighting, stairwells, safety railings, elevator shafts, and even decorative accents within the interior, and it is also used in the production of energy-efficient doors and windows.

Because of its low environmental impact, aluminum is popular among construction companies striving to earn LEED certification. This abundant, 100 percent recyclable metal helps architects and builders get the points they need to make a green building or house. Aluminum extrusions made to order can serve many purposes in construction. It can be incorporated into the plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and pretty much any other part of a building. Picking the right alloy and manufacturer can significantly boost this material’s already impressive list of advantages. Engineers and technicians at Silver City Aluminum can educate you on corrosion prevention through design, the minimization of post-extrusion processes, and the enhancement of efficiency in both production costs and lead times. You can talk to one of our customer service representatives by dialing 508-824-8631 to discuss your requirements with a team member. At our facility in Southeastern Massachusetts, we can provide you with details on all of our services, as well as answer any questions you may have about standard and custom aluminum extrusions and provide a free estimate for our work.