Advantages of Choosing to Extrude Aluminum Alloys for Products

advantages of extruded aluminumMaking the right choice of materials to use in production can make or break a consumer product. Using products, parts, and components made from aluminum has many advantages. Products made from aluminum materials are preferred by many due to their long lifespan, sustainability, and durability. Because of the manufacturing processes, custom aluminum extrusion can offer even more benefits. Aluminum in the automotive industry, and other aluminum products, have seen significant growth in demand in recent years. Aluminum can be anodized or painted for increased durability and aesthetic value. Before settling on a different material, it is wise to learn more about aluminum extrusion and its benefits.

Qualities of Aluminum Materials

Aluminum is a popular option for manufacturers who want to minimize their impact on the environment without sacrificing product quality. Aluminum is a valuable option for LEED-certified buildings and factories, according to environmental experts. Aluminum’s inherent qualities can be preserved through repeated recycling. Aluminum has the highest rate of recycling of any metal, and the value of aluminum in the eyes of consumers is at an all-time high. Silver City Aluminum’s standard and custom aluminum extrusion is crafted from billets, which are themselves crafted from aluminum that is 99.99 percent recyclable. In addition to being the most common metal on the planet, aluminum has the highest abundance of any element. Research indicates that roughly 80% of the world’s aluminum production is still in use.

Aluminum is very cheap because it can be recycled and reused indefinitely. Creating a unique aluminum die usually results in a positive return on investment after only a single production run. Using custom designs can save money by reducing the amount of time and effort spent on secondary processes like welding and joining, which results in a stronger and longer-lasting final product. In order to further decrease waste and manufacturing costs, our technicians cut each billet according to the customer’s order. When it comes to the aluminum products we make to order, we work closely with each client to offer advice and assistance aimed at increasing their ROI. Aluminum for the marine, military, construction, and automotive industries is all made in the same way, with an emphasis on the metal’s benefits for maximum efficiency.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion

Parts, components, and finished goods made from aluminum last a long time, which is a major selling point for using the material in consumer and industrial settings alike. Aluminum extrusions made to order are more resilient than their counterparts made from other materials, such as steel. For its strength, aluminum is remarkably lightweight, weighing only about a third as much as steel. When exposed to air, aluminum forms a protective oxide layer that prevents further rusting and corroding. This natural layer instantly reforms after being scratched, cut, or damaged, providing even more defense for the aluminum material. As a result, aluminum lasts much longer than competing materials. Powder-coat anodizing and painting aluminum products both increase their durability and resistance to wear and tear.

As a result of its durability and versatility, aluminum is used by a wide variety of businesses in places where the temperature can fluctuate wildly. One of the main benefits of aluminum is that it hardens when it freezes, making it a great material to use in extreme climates. In contrast, when temperatures drop too low, steel can become brittle and break more easily. The metal aluminum is a great conductor of both heat and electricity, and it is also non-toxic and non-magnetic. It’s being used to replace copper, which is more expensive, in many products, which can help keep the final price down for customers. Aluminum’s many uses and advantages have led to its widespread adoption as a manufacturing material in nearly every sector around the world.

Standard & Custom Aluminum Extrusions

Silver City Aluminum can tell you all about the benefits of using aluminum in production, whether you’re making household goods or machinery. Help with your first order, information on aluminum finishing options like anodizing and painting, and any other inquiries you may have about aluminum in the consumer or automotive industries are all within our purview. Aluminum extrusion, both standard and custom, can help your company grow and win the trust of more customers. You can reach a representative about aluminum extrusion by calling Silver City Aluminum at 508-824-8631 right now.