Custom Aluminum Extrusions: Top Aluminum Industry Solutions

innovative industry solutionsSilver City Aluminum is pleased to offer both custom extrusion design and standard aluminum extrusions to its clientele as high-quality solutions for the aluminum industry. Homogenized aluminum, or raw aluminum billet, that has been heat-treated and combined to create the specific alloys used to make the parts, products, and components we use, is what we buy for our aluminum fabrication facilities. For our purposes and the characteristics our customers demand in their unique aluminum extrusions, the 6000-series alloys are our go-to choice. Southeastern Massachusetts is home to our aluminum extrusion factory, and we ship our products all over the world.

Affordable Aluminum Extrusion for Industry

Pre-cutting the billets into the required sizes in accordance with our clients’ orders is one of the ways we assist our customers save even more money on their solutions for the aluminum sector.
Due to the fact that the cuts are dependent on the length and weight of the profile, this helps to minimize scrap and save total costs. We tailor every extrusion design to the needs of our individual customers. Our staff of highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers and technicians can assist you in developing unique profiles that will allow you to cut lead times, lower costs, and expedite the entire production process for the parts, goods, and components you need for your company.

Our extrusion system is constructed entirely of state-of-the-art components. Everything is automated and fully integrated. We are now able to efficiently communicate with our machines via the internet from any point in the globe thanks to the development of PLC control technology. This enables us to monitor the performance of the machines, the rate of speed, the extrusion recipe, and all other factors to guarantee reliable and constant quality control. Our dedication to excellence and reliability is only one of the many factors that make our aluminum industry solutions the best in the New England area. We receive a lot of recurring and reference business because of the reputation and steadfastness that we have built with our many grateful customers.

Innovative Applications of Rod and Bar Aluminum

Although it might appear to be a straightforward design that simply calls for common aluminum extrusions, modern windows, doors, and frames for both residential and commercial applications have advanced significantly in recent years. Homeowners and architects alike are in high demand for exceptionally environmentally-friendly products thanks to the utilization of aluminum fabrication businesses to produce custom extrusion design alternatives that offer more efficient and effective thermal control. For many LEED Certified construction projects and Energy Star certified applications, aluminum already qualifies as an approved material due to its high environmental friendliness and ability to be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its original properties.

Energy-efficient doors, windows, and frames can be made using unique items that Silver City Aluminum creates for customers. We extrude aluminum in large quantities for the building and home goods industries. Extruded frames from our team can be utilized to build unique items for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. We are experts at thermal filling and de-bridging and have a specialization in the construction of doors and windows, including the frames, reinforcements, and paneling. For proper insulation, many of the door designs that we deal with offer a thermal break or barrier. We now have an internal fully automated filler and de-bridging equipment to meet this need.

Dependable Aluminum Industry Solutions

Contact our staff if you’re interested in learning more about our aluminum industry solutions, which include standard and custom extrusion designs. Any queries you may have regarding our shops for fabricating aluminum, our extrusion and speciality services, as well as our comprehensive in-house finishing and freight shipping divisions, can be addressed by us. Call 508-824-8631 to get in touch with our staff and ask to talk with a sales representative or one of our knowledgeable engineers. We can guide you toward creating your own unique aluminum extrusion solutions and demonstrate how doing so can help you cut costs and expedite production.