Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions for Professional Results

coating solutions results for aluminum extrusionAluminum is one of the most widely used metals because of its many interesting properties. The fact that it can provide a natural barrier against wear and corrosion is particularly fascinating. If the oxide layer on aluminum is damaged in any way—during fabrication, for example—it will heal on its own. Some of our customers choose to further protect their extruded aluminum with one of our custom aluminum coating solutions. Powder-coating treatments or painting aluminum extrusion have many benefits, including shielding the metal from chemicals, corrosion, and abrasions.

Painting Aluminum Products or Powder-Coating and Anodizing

Silver City Aluminum’s parts, components, and products made from extruded aluminum must be designed with the end use in mind. Based on this knowledge, we are better able to advise customers on how to maximize the potential of their final product by suggesting supplementary services and software. A railing or handle designed for use in the outdoors is one such example. Powder coating and other similar treatments are just one example of a finishing option that can increase a product’s usability and safety by imparting a non-slip or enhanced grip surface. At our facility in Southeastern Massachusetts, Silver City Aluminum provides our clients with comprehensive, tailor-made options for aluminum coating. Aesthetically pleasing and corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusion finishes can be achieved through the application of paint, powder coating, or anodizing.

Our powder-coating treatments can add both practicality and style to our clients’ final products, giving them even more control over their unique appearance. It’s an extra step that isn’t required in every scenario. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about the custom aluminum coating solutions we offer or if you would like to discuss whether or not such treatments are required for the intended use of your extruded aluminum parts, products, and components. A member of our customer service team or one of our qualified technicians would be happy to provide you with an expert consultation regarding the advantages of the available finishing options. Our company collaborates with a number of powder coaters and anodizers to give our customers the finish they want without significantly extending production times. Once fabrication is complete, we will be able to provide these services for both large and small quantities. Depending on your preferences, we offer clear, black, and multi-color powder-coating and anodizing.

Finishing Aluminum Extrusions In-House

To add color to an already-completed part, component, or product, Silver City Aluminum offers painting services for extruded aluminum that surpass all expectations. To better serve our clientele, we operate a nearly continuous Polycron paint line here at our facility. With the help of our expert technicians, we aim for nothing less than perfection in every one of our custom aluminum coating solutions services. When it comes to adhesion, we make sure to meet or exceed the standards in every market we serve. Objects up to 20 feet in length can be painted by our team.

Our pre-treat finish before painting aluminum extrusion parts is just one example of the extra effort we take to ensure your complete satisfaction with our custom aluminum coating solutions. In order to ensure long-lasting adhesion to the aluminum materials, we employ a four-stage system consisting of an etching, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and a standard pre-wash. The pre-wash is followed by our Polycron application.

The paint is applied at a wet thickness of about 2mils using a vertical electrostatic Polycron line. The parts are monitored and checked by hand as they move through the line to guarantee uniform coloring from top to bottom. Our painted aluminum materials are cured in one of our custom-built ovens. Quality control is essential to the success of the standard and custom products that we manufacture for our customers. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that top quality is achieved for every step of the process from design to finishing aluminum extrusions.

Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions

Get in touch with us at 508-824-8631 to talk about the powder-coating and anodizing treatments or painting aluminum products for aluminum extrusion. Our custom aluminum coating solutions may add to the lead time, so make sure to discuss your needs with one of our experienced engineers or technicians to ensure that these services will not impact deadlines. Contact us if you have any inquiries or would like to place an order for either stock or custom aluminum extrusion services, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.