Sustainable Extrusion for the Automotive Industry and Beyond

sustainable extrusion for industryNothing is more sustainably produced than aluminum, which is utilized to make parts, components, and products for both commercial and consumer use. Custom aluminum extruders use raw and recycled aluminum billet to produce useful and effective products for customers who support virtually every sector worldwide. Many people believe that aluminum is a more environmentally friendly metal than other metals. Aluminum extrusion profiles assist manufacturers to save costs, speed up production, and build long-lasting, durable, dependable, and sustainable aluminum extrusions. They are used in everything from fuel-economy automobile designs to LEED-certified construction.

Green Extrusion for Automotive Industry

The reputation of aluminum as a green or eco-friendly metal has grown through time. Any material must have a minimal effect on the environment in order to be deemed “green.” The ideal material for preserving and protecting the ecology and natural resources of our world is aluminum. Aluminum is not only recyclable, but it can also be recycled repeatedly without losing any of its original properties. There are countless applications for aluminum, including as a non-magnetic, light-reflecting housing for electrical parts and as a lightweight material with a high strength-to-weight ratio for consumer automobiles. Aluminum is the most recycled metal on the earth, thanks to industry awareness campaigns that have been implemented all around the world.

The fact that aluminum extrusion profiles are inexpensive and simple to fabricate is one of the factors that manufacturers find so appealing. Over those that utilize conventional shapes and then have to adapt them to suit their demands, you gain a significant edge when you collaborate with an experienced team to produce custom extrusion dies and high-quality extruded materials. Custom aluminum extrusion profiles can be created more quickly, with fewer secondary operations, and to the exact specifications of the customer. This streamlines the procedure, reduces production waste, shortens lead times, and makes the entire process much more effective for everyone involved. Aluminum’s inherent malleability makes it the ideal material for extrusion, which produces cutting-edge solutions for numerous industries.

Aluminum Products for Industry

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the acronym. It is a globally recognized and utilized rating system for green structures and construction. Due to the benefits they may offer to an environmentally friendly design, aluminum extrusion profiles are widely employed in LEED Certified projects. Custom extrusion dies offer numerous other tactical advantages in addition to enabling the use of less energy in the production of the parts, goods, and components manufactured for the project. The United States Green Building Council developed LEED, which provides a framework utilized by building designers, construction crews, and maintenance companies to create structures that incorporate specific energy-saving, cost-saving, healthful, and efficient approaches into their plans. For both residential and commercial development, many builders work to acquire LEED certification.

Five specific areas of concern are given a grade depending on them, and using sustainable aluminum extrusions built with unique extrusion dies helps in these areas as well. These five categories are: atmosphere, energy, materials and resources, water efficiency, sustainable sites, and environmental quality. Depending on how well a building’s design and construction are done, it can be given a Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum rating. Throughout this kind of building, aluminum extrusion profiles are utilized to make things like framing systems, walls, roofs, decorative elements, curtain walls, interior trims, and safety railings. In order to meet or surpass expectations, custom aluminum extruders produce the parts in accordance with customer requirements.

Sustainable Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

There are yet more benefits related to employing sustainable aluminum extrusions in addition to all of the ones we have already mentioned. Aluminum is a great material for roofing since it is lightweight and energy-efficient. Aluminum can reflect approximately 95% of solar radiation when properly coated with unique finishing methods, keeping buildings cooler in the summer and safeguarding the structure below all year long. In addition, aluminum has a built-in resistance to corrosion, making it endure longer and less prone to rust and corrode than other widely used building materials like steel and iron.

Custom aluminum extruders provide a special level of corrosion resistance even without extra coatings. To explore your demands for unique aluminum extrusion profiles, get in touch with our experts at Silver City Aluminum. Our team members can be reached at 508-824-8631. Across the nation and in New England, we are pleased to serve clients. For a FREE quote or to start working with one of our helpful and qualified agents, give us a call right away.