Aluminum Extrusion Growth: Advantages of Aluminum Materials

aluminum extrusion growthManufacturers can benefit greatly from aluminum alloy extrusion and manufacturing. The creation of features utilized in construction has become significantly aided by the aluminum extrusion method. When compared to other metals and materials frequently utilized to make parts, components, and products, custom aluminum products have advantages such as lower costs and higher structural integrity. Due to the flexibility of the manufacturer to make complex designs in long, continuous pieces, aluminum may be used in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient doors and windows swiftly and easily. The inherent qualities of this adaptable metal, such as being an excellent conductor of electricity, can be improved even further with the use of surface treatments and various extrusion alloys.

Advantages of Using Aluminum

Although lightweight aluminum has been employed in many different industries to make outdoor furniture for homeowners and cladding for vehicles, denser, even stronger constructions are increasingly being used. The advantages of aluminum products have been acknowledged, not only as significant components for construction but also in the production of electronics and other consumer items. Aluminum alloys for extrusion are actually employed in building in a variety of ways. Aluminum is frequently the first choice for architects working on LEED certification projects for energy-efficient architecture because of its high recycling rate and capacity to be recycled repeatedly without losing its intrinsic qualities.

Construction materials for both the inside and outside of buildings can be made using extruded profiles that have been given an aluminum surface treatment. Aluminum extrusion and fabrication can be used to create lighting fixtures, stairwells, elevator shafts, and many other structural and mechanical components of a building. This metal is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. In order to assist keep the temperature under control in private residences and high-rise buildings, aluminum profiles have been thermally enhanced. Aluminum goods are appealing to developers and builders alike since they are reusable, sustainable, and quick to produce for building. Depending on the requirements of the client, extrusion can assume an infinite number of shapes and sizes. At Silver City Aluminum, we approach each client’s situation individually in order to create unique solutions that go above and beyond.

Knowledge, Experience, Reputation

At Silver City Aluminum, we are committed to delivering the highest levels of quality assurance and client service on every project we do. Our objective is to offer a product of the highest caliber. We accomplish this by concentrating on how the product is used. Every detail of the intended end use of the part, component, or product we develop for our customers is taken into account by our engineers. Due to our extensive expertise working with such a wide range of industries, we have been able to keep up with the most recent methods for creating extruded aluminum of the highest quality. We have found that the more we can participate in the product development process, the more we can assist our clients in producing a finished design that satisfies their needs. Our experience can enhance the finished product, such as helping to prevent corrosion through design and take advantage of other aluminum qualities.

Quality Custom Aluminum Products

For any stage of the production process, we do not send parts or components to other service providers. We offer unique aluminum surface treatments and shipment using our own fleet of trucks in addition to design, development, extrusion, and fabrication services. With all of this extra work, we can guarantee the highest level of quality control and deliver world-class customer service simultaneously. We are also really pleased with our excellent lead times. From the time an order is placed until it is delivered to the customer, the industry norm is between 30 and 45 days. Our typical lead time at Silver City Aluminum is only three to four weeks. As a special favor, we may even complete urgent orders for our devoted customers in three to seven days. We can guarantee superior quality control and shorter lead times by handling everything ourselves, exceeding our expectations and delivering a top-notch finished product.

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