New England Marine Industry Aluminum: Custom Design Solutions

marine industry aluminumOne of the industries that we work very closely with is the New England region is the marine industry. Small boats, large boats, fishing boats, cruise ships, yachts, and a variety of other marine vessels all rely heavily on aluminum extrusion for industry parts, products, and components. The high strength-to-weight ration of aluminum makes it a valuable material for marine products, and its natural protective layer against corrosion makes it perfect for use in marine environments. New England marine industry aluminum can be used in lots of ways, either with additional finishing solutions or without. Aluminum products designed for industry use can be customized according to the unique needs, requirements, and purpose of the job at hand to deliver results that meet or exceed expectations. Aluminum industry solutions can be designed in-house by our team of experienced engineers, either with your team of designers or according to your specifications.

Aluminum Industry Solutions for Marine Use

Some of the products that we design and manufacture for our clients on a regular basis include boat rails, custom boat rails for sailboats, parts, and components for power boats, structural materials, aluminum decking, and docks. Our facility is located in Southeastern Massachusetts, in close proximity to one of the largest marine ports in America. Our many years of working with clients to create New England marine industry aluminum extrusion can help our new clients to get a jump start on placing orders for specific or unique materials and products due to our intimate knowledge of the industry. The demands of the marine industry are quite specific, requiring our engineers to find new ways to prevent corrosion through design for longer-lasting, more durable use.

Our team is able to create just about anything that someone in the marine industry might ever need, either using standard or custom extrusion designs. Aluminum products designed for industry use can involve some of the most intricate designs and specialty applications, or they can be very simple and straightforward, depending on the requirements of the client. Silver City Aluminum has the ability to drill holes and create other fabricated elements that are specific to the demands of the final use of the product. Our many years of experience working with aluminum decking and docks can assist our clients in numerous ways. We can design and fabricate extruded aluminum materials for both residential and commercial marine industry needs, as well as for personal and professional vessels.

Get an Edge Over the Competition

When you choose to work with a team of experienced professionals to create solutions with aluminum extrusion for industry, you gain the ability to exceed marine industry standards and create products that your customers will appreciate. Our aluminum industry solutions can help you to get an edge over the competition and ensure that you get your custom products in a shorter amount of time due to our fantastic lead times. The industry standard is 30-45 days for custom aluminum products designed for industry purposes, while our lead times are three to four weeks standard. We can even do expedited orders in three to seven days upon request as a special favor to our customers. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have all of the parts, components, and parts they need to grow and expand their business.

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best standards of quality control and service to every one of our clients. Our mission is to provide superior custom aluminum industry solutions that exceed all expectations. We maintain our focus on the application of the product itself, taking into consideration all of the specifics of its intended end use. This includes how the item will be used, who will be using it, where it will be used, and the required durability or corrosive resistance necessary to ensure the safety and longevity of the finished product. Through our many years of providing quality products, we have discovered that the sooner we are able to get involved in the process of product development, the more we are able to help our clients create a finished design that will best meet their needs. To learn more about Silver City Aluminum or to get a FREE estimate for New England marine industry aluminum and other aluminum products designed for industry, give us a call at 508-824-8631.