Custom Aluminum Coating Solutions: Popular Finishing Services

popular finishing solutions for custom aluminum extrusionOne of the ways that we are able to exceed our customers’ expectations is through the application of our custom aluminum coating solutions. At Silver City Aluminum, we offer powder-coating and anodizing aluminum, as well as painting services, as part of our post-extrusion customizations. Some of these coatings are designed to extend the natural anti-corrosive layer of protection that is inherent in the extruded aluminum, improving the durability and longevity of the finished product. In other cases, these custom finishing solutions are more about appearance, providing color or texture to the parts, products, and components we create. Whether you choose to apply aesthetic and functional coatings to your custom aluminum extrusions or not, we guarantee that the products we create will meet or exceed your expectations in quality and lead times.

Professional Painting Solutions

We take pride in the work that we do on our paint line at Silver City Aluminum – it runs almost non-stop! Our goal is to strive for perfection in everything that we do, and our custom aluminum coating solutions are no different. We go above and beyond to ensure a consistent color application, as well as deliver top-rated adhesion to meet or exceed the requirements of every industry we serve. We are able to provide painting services, including aesthetic and functional coatings, for materials up to 20-feet in length. While some customers pay prefer to pain their own materials, a majority take advantage of our in-house services to ensure a quality application. Painting is one of the most popular post-extrusion customizations that our customers take advantage of once the parts, products, and components are extruded and de-burred to ensure high quality results.

We start with a pre-treat finish, which is a four-stage system that we devised ourselves to ensure excellent adhesion to the aluminum materials. The four stages include an etch, a clean wash, a neutralizing wash, and then an industry standard pre-wash for long-lasting painted results. We can apply our Polycron painting services to practically any part, product, or component that we manufacture. Once the pre-wash system has been completed, and the items are dried, we use a vertical electrostatic paint line that applies the paint at 2ml’s wet in thickness. This exceeds the industry standard requirements as well. Each part is constantly monitored and checked by our staff to ensure top quality results and a consistent color application from ceiling to floor. Once the parts have been painted, they are cured through a baking process in one of our custom ovens before being taken off the line by hand and inspected by our trained technicians before being taken to our shipping department.

Powder-Coating and Anodizing Aluminum

The other secondary finishing option that we provide as part of our post-extrusion customizations is powder-coating and anodizing aluminum parts, products, and components. We work with several different powder coaters and anodizers to provide our clients with a finish that offers the look and feel that they require. Powder-coating offers both aesthetic and functional coatings, allowing for a quality color application and options for textured finishes to improve use. The actual lead time for this service and for the painting application will depend on the part that is being finished and the different powder-coating materials and anodizers that are being used.

Anodizing involves the process of dyeing the short or long pieces in either small or big runs once the extrusion and fabrication processes are complete. Our customers can choose from clear anodizing, black anodizing, multi-color anodizing, or they may select a custom color or style upon request. For more information about our custom aluminum coating solutions and custom aluminum extrusion designs, contact our team directly by calling 508-824-8631. We can answer any questions you might have about painting or powder-coating and anodizing aluminum extrusions, as well as offer details on our other post-extrusion customizations. We can even assist you in placing your first order with Silver City Aluminum to address all of your custom or standard aluminum extrusion needs. Call today and speak with one of our friendly customer service agents to get started on the development of your custom aluminum extrusion design for industry parts, products, and components.